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Amanee Cabbagestalk

Admissions Counselor, Admissions

Shannon Calega

Director of Orientation and Family Engagement, Student Affairs

Andrea Calow

Administrative Assistant, College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education

Todd Campbell

Associate Professor, Biology

John Capouya

Associate Professor, Journalism

Christopher Capsambelis

Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice; Graduate Coordinator

L. Michael Carastro

Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Eric Cardenas

Director, Public Information and Publications

Amanda Carothers

Systems Operator, Admissions

Addie Carothers

Associate Director of Wellness, Wellness Services

Stephen Carr

Staff Assistant II, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Steve Carroll

Managing Director, Information Technology and Security

Jordan Carroll

Professor of Instruction I, English and Writing

Tammy Carroll

Senior Business Analyst, Information Technology and Security

Susan Carter

Curator/Registrar of Collections, Museum

John Caslione

Lecturer I, Management and Entrepreneurship

Madelyn Castro

Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office

Chris Catanach

Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Raymond Cepko

Language Lab Specialist, Languages and Linguistics

Ana Chambers

Gifts/Data Specialist, Development and University Relations

Jim Chancellor

Asset Management Inventory Specialist, Information Technology and Security

Sharon Charles MSN, APRN, NP-C

Director, Medical Services

Antony Cheng

Lecturer I, Mathematics

Jaini Chhaya

Senior Associate Director, Enrollment Management

Gary Christensen

Managing Director Enterprise Solutions, Information Technology and Security

Brian Christoph

Office Assistant, Facilities Management

Marc Cianci

Assistant Director of Compliance, Athletics

Dina Cifelli

Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach, PT, Athletics

Frank Cinelli

Media Services Events Technician, Information Technology and Security

Megan Civil

Coordinator of Secondary Clinical Education, Education

Tammy Clark

Vice President, Information Technology and Security

Meredith Clements

Director, Center for Public Speaking/Assistant Professor, Speech

Holly Cliff

Library Specialist Periodicals, Library

Edward Cloutier

Associate Professor, Education

Maggie Cobb

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Warren Cockerham

Media Production Coordinator, College of Arts and Letters

Thomas Cohen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication

Melissa Cole

Lecturer I, Nursing

Liv Coleman

Chair, Political Science and International Studies/Associate Professor, Political Science

Chenae Coleman, LMHC

Counselor, Counseling Services

Helen Collins

Assistant Crew Coach, Athletics

Mark Colvenbach

Director, Career Services

Damien Contessa

Professor of Instruction I, Sociology

Michael Coon

Assistant Professor, Economics

S. Katherine Cooper

Professor of Instruction I, Sociology

Lacey Corey Brown

Professor of Instruction I, Speech

Denise Correa

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Valerie Correia Calderon

Student Billing Coordinator, Bursar's Office

Freddy Cortes

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Yorkis Cortes

Locksmith, Facilities Management

Mattie Cotto

Staff Assistant I / Dispatcher, Campus Safety

Chanelle Cox

Academic Advisor, Graduate and Continuing Studies

Veronica Cox

Starbucks Manager, Dining Services

Ryan Cragun

Co-Director/Honors Program; Professor, Sociology

Denija Crnojevic

Assistant Professor, Physics

Stefanie Crocco

Unit Marketing Specialist, Dining Services

Michele Crosby

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Michael Crotty

Assistant Professor, Dance

Sarah Cuccinello

Professor of Instruction I, Biology

Melissa Culp

Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab Director and Professor of Instruction I in Nursing

Kimberly Cummings

Chair/Associate Professor, Psychology

Bob Cunningham

Business Analyst, Academic Solutions, Information Technology and Security

Taylor Curry

Assistant Professor, Film, Animation and New Media