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Portellis Alex “Alpo” Portelli
Class of '81
"I owe UT more than anyone can imagine." 
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John Tinny Thumb John Tinny
Class of ’48
"My early days at UT fostered in me an attitude that all things are possible. That attitude has stayed with me all of my life." 
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Nancy Rabenold Thumb Nancy Rabenold
"UT is on a forward trajectory. It’s exhilarating to watch this institution grow and change." 
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Piatt Rodney Piatt
Class of ’74
"...the success that I have been fortunate enough to have, and knowing that it all started at UT, well how could you not want to make an impact for the students..." 
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Leathers   Rosemary Leathers
Class of ’58
"There were only three females in (the Business Administration) department."
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Mercadente Vincent Mercadante
Class of ’57
"The education I received from my business classes and...job experiences helped me to direct myself into... management at Oscar Mayer & Company." 
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Travis Milks Thumb Travis Milks
Class of ’00
"As alumni we should give that students that are here today can have some of those same opportunities and benefits we were provided."
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LennonThumb Susan Taylor Lennon
“I want the students to experience different abilities and talents. I want to open their eyes to the possibilities around them and see different ways to incorporate all types of art forms into everyday life.”
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