SUMMER 2020 CLASSES, INCLUDING MAY TERM, WILL BE TAUGHT REMOTELY. Students will participate in joint virtual sessions with their instructor and be able to work independently and in groups for flexibility in completing assignments and learning activities. Each summer course is designed to best accomodate students' needs and to deliver a high quality learning experience. Check SpartanWeb Live Course Search for summer course offerings.


UT students, plan to take your summer class at UT to catch up, get ahead or explore something entirely new. UT’s remote summer courses:

  • Offer flexible scheduling options during two-week, six-week and 12-week terms.
  • Can be taken from anywhere.
  • Guarantee your credits count toward your graduation and can improve your GPA.
  • Relieve you of the tedious and uncertain transient credit approval process.
  • Are taught by the same fine faculty and instructors you have come to expect.
  • Give you access to the same UT services you want and need, including library resources, career planning, the writing center, bookstore, advising, counseling and more.
  • Plus, you do not need advisor clearance to take summer courses.

New students, see Summer Registration for New and Visiting Students for application, registration, orientation and other pertinent information. New students are admitted to all summer terms, except May Term.

Summer 2020 Registration is OPEN

Summer 2020 Academic Terms

May Term: May 11-May 22
Summer I: May 26-July 3
Summer II: July 6-Aug. 15
Summer III: May 26-Aug. 15
Summer IV (EMBA): May 16-Aug. 8 
Summer V (EDU): June 8-Aug. 1
Nonprofit Summer: May 13-July 28
MPA Summer: May 11-Aug. 21

To search for summer session courses:

  1. Go to the " Live Course Search" on SpartanWeb.
  2. Choose any of the summer terms in the "term" drop down (MayTerm or any term with "Summer" in the name) to find courses that are offered. You are not required to log on to SpartanWeb to search for courses.
  3. You can also view a complete list of all summer courses sorted by discipline.

On-campus housing for Summer 2020 is very limited. For more information about on-campus or off-campus summer housing, contact the Office of Residence Life.

Wait lists Students are encouraged to go on the wait list in those instances when... more » close »

Students are encouraged to go on the wait list in those instances when a desired course is full. Wait lists are monitored daily, and students who meet all course requirements are automatically registered in the course if a seat opens up. The student on the wait list with the highest number of completed credit hours will be the first to receive the next available seat. Wait lists in the summer remain active until the Thursday before the start of classes in each respective summer term. If no seats open up, students on the wait list are notified when the list closed.

Registering in overlapping courses You cannot register for classes that overlap the time blocks without special permission... more » close »

Since we expect your summer instructors to schedule virtual class meet ups, the time blocks are reserved for those meetups. Though you probably will not be meeting all together throughout the entire time block, we want those times available for your instructors to schedule them. Therefore, you cannot register for classes that overlap the time blocks without special permission. Most classes will not be entirely asynchronous; that is, without common meet up times. Furthermore, the classes will require the usual amount of work, and we do not want to encourage students to take more hours than can be handled for success in the class.

To receive a registration override, you must obtain approval from both instructors (email approval is fine) stating there will be no time conflict or the instructor will make other arrangements with the student. Then, send these approvals to with very clear instructions as to the two courses you want placed on your schedule, be sure to include the course ID and section number for both, the term, your student ID and each instructor’s approval email message. You may want to request a confirmation from the Registrar’s Office.

Financial Services Summer tuition, fees and financial aid... more » close »

Learn more about summer tuition and fees.

Financial aid is very limited during the summer. Students who wish to apply and qualify for summer financial aid should talk with a financial aid counselor as early as possible. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (813) 253-6219 or to explore your options. New students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).