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Plant Hall Placeholder for Wise Women

WiseWomen seeks to provide knowledge and supplies to combat the growing stigma against menstruation and the lack of widely known knowledge about women’s health. WiseWomen is highly interested in providing an outlet to women of all ages to learn about women’s health/hygiene which has been skipped over in schools and not publicized in society. We are involved in making "pretty pouches" which would include tampons, pads and hand sanitizer. WiseWomen will speak about feminine hygiene tips, period stories and basic feminine health knowledge. WiseWomen would strive to help normalize the idea of menstruation which could be stigmatized in society and build confidence in the women who struggle with understanding their bodies. WiseWomen ventures to local areas where women and girls are in need of education and/or supplies such as homeless shelters, Boys and Girls Clubs and Hope Children's Home to spread awareness about the topic of feminine health. WiseWomen reaches out to local gynecologists to schedule seminars about feminine health so that all members will be knowledgeable in this topic.