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The co-curricular transcript is a self-reported document that lists activities the student has participated in while enrolled at The University of Tampa. Used along with a student's placement credentials, the transcript provides prospective employers and/or graduate schools with information on the student's involvement with co-curricular activities.

Employers and graduate schools are aware that co-curricular activities make for a well-rounded individual. By including the transcript with a resume, students can improve their marketability with potential employers or graduate schools. Involvement with student organizations, community service, campus media or Greek organizations can help students improve their social skills.

For more information, please read below or contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start the co-curricular transcript process?
It's best to start the transcript process during the first year at the University. The sooner a transcript is started after completing an activity, the more accurate the information can be. Those who are further along in their UT education should begin a Co-Curricular Transcript as soon as possible and should try to be accurate when recording activities started/completed before the transcript's creation.

What kind of activities can I list on my co-curricular transcript?
The co-curricular transcript records campus involvement such as organization membership, organization positions held, training sessions attended, intramural participation, campus employment, etc. Specific volunteer experiences can be listed on a co-curricular transcript (e.g., Into the Streets, Alternative Spring Break). However, total service hours are recorded through the PEACE Volunteer Center. Please go to Vaughn Center, Room 206 to complete your Volunteer Record Form.

For-credit academic experiences and employment are not recorded on a co-curricular transcript. These experiences should be recorded on a students academic transcript or resume.

Can I list all my activities in my co-curricular transcript?
The co-curricular transcript is a one-page document, so there is only room for up to 30 activities.

In order for the recipient of the co-curricular transcript to know more about a student's involvement, reflection and responsibility areas have been added. Additionally, the student should be mapping their co-curricular experience to Spartan Ready. Please refer to the Spartan Ready for competencies.