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The Bonner Leader program is a four-year service commitment for undergraduate students. Each year, eight students are selected from the freshmen class to participate in this intensive work and scholarship program. The Bonner Leader Program is designed to transform the lives of participating students, the University campus culture and the Tampa Bay community in which the students serve.

What do Bonner Leaders do?

Bonner Leaders work nine hours per week at a nonprofit site in the Tampa Bay Area. Their wages are paid by The University of Tampa’s Federal-Work Study Program. During their first semester, Bonners participate in an interview night with the nonprofit sites that have open positions. Bonners are placed at a specific site with the intent that they will work there until graduation, gaining increasing responsibilities each year. Several Bonners may work at the same site.

In addition to their work off-campus, Bonners participate in a number of professional development opportunities. They have weekly training for two hours to reflect upon their experiences and to enhance their skill sets.

The Bonner Program Common Commitments

Bonners across the country explore the following values during the service:

  • Civic Engagement: Exploring and participating intentionally in multiple forms and dimensions of engagement including service, political engagement, social action and public policy.
  • Community Building: Creating and sustaining a vibrant community of place, personal relationships and shared interests.
  • Diversity: Respecting the many different dimensions of personal and group identities (such as class, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, physical and mental ability) and creating opportunities to dialogue and learn across them.
  • International Perspective: Developing international and global understanding that enables individuals to participate successfully in an increasingly interconnected world, and appreciate and transcend national boundaries.
  • Social Justice: Understand and advocate for fairness, impartiality and equality in addressing systemic social and environmental issues.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Reflect on and explore personal beliefs while respecting the spiritual and ethical practices and values of others.
  • Wellness: Nurturing the development, resilience, thriving and sustenance of the whole person and of communities.

Benefits of Becoming a Bonner Leader

The Bonner Leader program offers additional financial assistance for a student to attend The University of Tampa. Bonner Leaders have the potential to receive:

  • An annual $2,000 scholarship
  • Federal Work-Study Funding, up to $2,000 for the year, as determined by the student’s financial aid package. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to be considered for Federal Work-Study Funding.


Applications for first-year students (freshmen) to the Bonner Leader Program are due Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Online Application and Timeline


Please contact Ian McGinnity, Sean Machado Guzman or Jade Takvorian or call (813) 257-3363 with any questions that you may have about The University of Tampa’s Bonner Leader Program.