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Spartan Mentors

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement's Spartan Mentors program provides Federal Work Study eligible students with an opportunity to mentor and tutor local K-12 students at the community partner sites listed below. Spartan Mentors may tutor on subjects such as math, science and reading. They may also assist teachers with co-curricular activities such as cooking, music, photography and sports. The Spartan Mentors program is ideal for those studying education, however students of any major are encouraged to explore this opportunity.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to the local schools where they mentor. The program will work to organize carpooling but cannot guarantee provided transportation.
  • In order to receive pay, student applicants must be eligible for Federal Work Study through the Financial Aid Office and apply on Workday or Handshake. If a student is not eligible for Federal Work Study, they may be a mentor as a volunteer and receive volunteer hours.

Community Partners

RICH House
Robles Park
3305 N. Avon Ave.
Tampa, FL 33603

RICH House
Sulphur Springs
8218 N. Marks St.
Tampa, FL 33604

Contact Information

Brittany Garcia
Assistant Director of Service and Leadership Development