Cognitive Complexity

Students will learn to…
  • Think critically and reflectively
  • Reason effectively
  • Think creatively and innovatively
  • Apply knowledge in practical ways

Effective Citizenship

Students will learn to…
  • Demonstrate active involvement in community and civic life
  • Seek and integrate information about community concerns
  • Develop leadership competencies

Intercultural Awareness and Understanding

Students will learn to…
  • Recognize, examine and honor cultural differences
  • Respect values, perspectives and opinions of others
  • Respond to cultural similarities and differences

Intrapersonal Competence

Students will learn to…
  • Describe and construct an integrated identity
  • Take responsibility and assess consequences for their actions
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage emotions appropriately
  • Practice self care including personal health, fitness and wellness
  • Exhibit the capacity to manage one's personal affairs
  • Maintain economic and fiscal health

Interpersonal Competence

Students will learn to…
  • Communicate effectively
  • Collaborate and work towards a common purpose
  • Hold others accountable for their actions and to their commitments
  • Practice effective conflict resolution skills
  • Engage in controversy with civility

Moral and Character Development

Students will learn to…
  • Desire and make ethical decisions
  • Develop a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Demonstrate values of trust, honesty, kindness and fairness