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Awards Ceremony
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Awards Ceremony

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The Institute for Sales Excellence promotes the advancement in the field of professional selling by preparing the next generation of sales leaders. The Institute for Sales Excellence has four specific functions:  

  1. Prepare students for careers in professional business-to-business sales 
  2. Encourage networking between students and businesses 
  3. Serve as a staffing resource for regional, national and global firms 
  4. Provide learning resources for local and regional businesses. USCA Logo

Benefits for Students

The sales curriculum gives students access to specialized training, professional certifications and the professional selling minor, exposure to best practices and trending sales methodology, and real-world sales experience. Students will improve communication and develop skills needed to understand business-to-business selling. 

Benefits for Corporate Partners

Corporate partners have access to top sales students by participating in: 

  • Classroom presentations 
  • Role-play sales calls
  • Coaching and mentoring 
  • Job shadowing 
  • Networking events 
  • Internship and full-time recruitment events 

A special thank you to our corporate partners participating in professional development events to prepare the next generation of sales leaders. 

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