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Information and Technology Management Department advisory board provides feedback and oversee the activities of the Center for Cybersecurity. The board consists of the following members.

Board Member Organization  
Edwin Bartlett PricewaterhouseCoopers
Petar Besalev A-Lign
Douglas Birch Microsoft
Cindy Brown Pratt Brown & Associates
Donna Buckner Primescape Solutions, Inc.
James Buckner Gartner
Shafayet Imam Integrated Solutions Management, Inc.
Susan Jo Raymond James
Ryan Jordan Presidio
Frank Lento Cisco
Michael Mangum Centene
Scott Margolis EY
Mary McCoy Prism Plus Consulting
Andrew McIntyre Viking Sports Group
John Oakes Revenue Management Solutions
James Risler Cisco
Andy Swenson UPC Insurance
William Waas Information Technology Executive Exchange