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The University of Tampa is committed to a sound culture of education, awareness and following best practices to ensure the safety of everyone across campus. This Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website has UT policies and procedures, as well as agency resources, to provide information to support these efforts in our workplaces, laboratories, studios and other educational spaces. Everyone on campus is a stakeholder and shares responsibility to actively maintain and, whenever possible, continually improve our culture of safety so that working conditions on campus are compliant with regulatory criteria. When accidents, incidents and near misses happen, it is very important that those in a supervisory capacity notify UT Campus Safety and fill out an accident/incident report. Review of these reports is important for identifying any corrective actions that may be warranted to reduce the likelihood of repeating the situation that led to the filing of the report.

For assistance in obtaining the written UT policies and procedures in other formats or for questions regarding special accommodations or accessibility, please email or call (813) 842-3528.

Emergency Procedures and Response
Campus Safety

Emergencies requiring the fire department or an ambulance call 911. Always call Campus Safety at (813) 257-7777.

Emergency Procedures
Emergency/Incident Reporting
Student filling out a safety report

Emergencies and incidents must be documented and reported. Electronically submit this fillable form.

Report an Incident
Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes
Students in a science lab

Policies and procedures for the safe storage, handling and disposal of chemicals on UT property. Information for documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for laboratories, art studios, and other work spaces with potentially hazardous chemicals and/or equipment.

Chemical Safety Documents
Workplace Safety
Person using a nail gun

Policies and procedures to help minimize the risk of accidents, including the use of tools, on campus.

BSL Information for Laboratory
Student in a lab

Policies and procedures for BSL1 and BSL2 level work that is carried out in approved spaces on campus.

Biological Safety Information
Training and Agency Resources
Training Session

Training information documentation for UT students, faculty and staff, facilities personnel and outside contractors. Upcoming training information and events are posted here periodically.

Safety Training Documents