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Students working in a science lab

UT Policies and Procedures for Chemicals, Hazardous Wastes and Biologicals

Workplace health and safety procedures are designed to minimize chemical exposure or hazardous risks. It is important that faculty and staff who work with chemicals on campus familiarize themselves with these policies and procedures.

Communicating Chemical Hazards in your spaces: The Global Harmonized System (GHS)(PDF), for training people on how to recognize and protect against chemical hazards from chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS docs).

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Procedure (PDF)

Hazard Communication Program (PDF)

IAQ Complaint Form (PDF)

Incompatible Chemical List (PDF)

Lab Ventilation Standards (PDF)

NIOSH Carcinogen List (PDF)

P-Listed Waste (PDF)

Reproductive Hazards Program (PDF)

Reproductive Toxins (PDF)

Respiratory Protection Program (PDF)

Voluntary Respirator Use (PDF)

Unknown Waste Management (PDF)