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Psychology professor and students looking at a computer


The mission of the Psychology Department is to offer students a high-quality, state-of-the-field educational experience in psychology, covering the breadth of the field as both an empirical social science and applied discipline.

About Us

The UT Psychology Department provides its students with a strong background in psychological science, from its historical roots to contemporary theories and empirical research perspectives. We offer a high-quality educational experience that emphasizes both knowledge of psychological science and methods, as well as hands-on experiences to put those ideas into action and learn more about human behavior. Those majoring in psychology receive curricular and extracurricular experiences that meet or exceed all educational standards for undergraduates set by the American Psychological Association.

The values we embrace that are built into our program are:

  • Excellence in the classroom, with professional and personable faculty-student interactions
  • Reliance on the rational and empirical methods of science in human inquiry, including an emphasis on critical thinking
  • Active faculty involvement in scholarship and professional activities
  • Experiential and service-learning to enhance classroom instruction
  • Exploration of human diversity and cultural awareness
  • Liberal-arts based, multidisciplinary understanding of the human experience, including ethical considerations

Degrees and Programs

The Department of Psychology offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in psychology.

Career and Involvement Opportunities

Careers in psychology are diverse, with many different specialty areas to choose from. For qualified students, internships are available with local organizations and businesses. There are several service-learning and student organization opportunities that apply experience to personal and academic development.

Debra Tuberion

"As a psychology major, I’ve been able to explore a field I’m greatly passionate about with professors who have amazing experiences and backgrounds and truly care about their students’ learning experiences and success."

— Debra Tuberion ’20, psychology major