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The actuarial science degree program at The University of Tampa, housed in the Department of Mathematics, offers an interdisciplinary experience to our students. The program intends to prepare students for careers as actuaries who assess risk and operate in a variety of insurance, financial and consulting environments. To learn more about becoming an actuary go to

An actuarial science graduate is required to take courses in probability, statistics, mathematics, theory of interest, economics and programming. Most classes have 15 or fewer students in this program, so participants gain personalized attention and assistance. In addition to the coursework, actuarial science majors are required to have a field internship where they can observe, experience and solve real-world issues.

The actuarial science curriculum at UT prepares students directly for the first two Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society (SOA/CAS) exams: Probability P (Exam P) and Financial Mathematics (Exam FM). In addition, selected courses in the program qualify for the Validation of Educational Experiences (VEE) credit, which the societies require.

Topics of Study

  • The Science of Computing
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Applied Statistics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Probability
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Applied Regression
  • Actuarial Mathematics

Actuarial Science Major Degree Requirements

Courses in finance are beneficial to actuarial science majors for advancing in their careers and passing the required actuarial exams. Actuarial science majors are encouraged to pass the CAS/SOA Exam P (Probability) and FM (Financial Mathematics), and obtain an internship while still an undergraduate.

Course Catalog — Degree Requirements

Actuarial Science Club

The Actuarial Club at The University of Tampa (ACUT) seeks to prepare and create an environment for aspiring actuaries to learn more about the profession and prepare for a career in the actuarial field. The club works with students at The University of Tampa to guide them through the coursework and the process for actuarial exams. The club provides available resources to help students more effectively study for actuarial exams.

Contact for the actuarial science program at UT
Khyam Paneru, Ph.D.
Office: SC 246
Telephone (813) 257-3408