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All Academic Writing (AWR) courses:

  • employ writing as a mode of learning, and not merely a means of assessment
  • promote and enhance high-level critical and rhetorical skills in reading, thinking and writing
  • help students to read, analyze and appreciate multiple genres, including but not limited to academic and literary texts
  • prepare students to write in multiple genres and for a variety of academic audiences
  • encourage the expression of clear, confident and meaningful prose
  • foster an orientation towards inquiry that produces academic writing
  • cultivate a sense of shared endeavor and collaboration among a community of writers
  • foster an awareness of and appreciation for the nuances of language usage and the careful crafting of written texts

If you have any questions about the Academic Writing program, please feel free to contact Joe Letter, assistant professor and director of academic writing, at or (813) 257-1712. His office is located within the English and Writing department in Plant Hall, Room 450A. 

View the UT online catalog for course details.