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Department Contacts

Alex Amyot

Technical Production Coordinator, Speech, Theatre and Dance

Meredith Clements

Director, Center for Public Speaking/Assistant Professor, Speech

Lacey Corey Brown

Professor of Instruction I, Speech

Michael Crotty

Assistant Professor, Dance

Paul Finocchiaro

Associate Professor, Theatre

Kristen Foltz

Professor of Instruction II, Speech

Alicia Gonzalez

Staff Assistant I, Music/Speech, Theater, Dance

Robert Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Speech, Theatre and Dance

Chris Gurrie

Director, Communication and Speech Studies; Associate Professor, Speech

Susannah LeMarquand

Dance Program Director/Assistant Professor, Dance

Gary Luter

Professor, Speech, Theatre and Dance

Michael Staczar

Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Letters; Chair/Associate Professor, Speech, Theatre and Dance