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The Minor in French program helps prepare students for graduate or professional schools and for a variety of career opportunities. Courses are designed to build strong language skills and to expand cultural awareness.

Did you know that French is spoken on every continent and is the official language of 29 countries, is the language of international diplomacy, and is an official language of the United Nations and NATO? Claim your seat at the global table with a minor in French! A minor offers students the opportunity to acquire advanced competency in the French language and francophone culture through a variety of media including cinema, authentic literature, telecollaboration software and television. Students’ oral competence is supported through specialized language software available exclusively in our language laboratory. Students have the opportunity to study in Paris as part of a UT faculty-led travel course, when available. Students enrolled in this minor must complete 24 credits at the 201 level and above, exploring a wide range of topics including French Pop Culture, Francophone Cinema, Francophone Literature, French Diplomacy and the French Language in Contact.   

Twenty-four semester hours of credit at 200 level or higher are required for a minor in French. FRE 250 may not be counted toward the minor.

Topics of Study

  • Civilization and Culture
  • Commercial French
  • Composition
  • Conversation
  • French Cinema
  • Intermediate Language
  • Literature

Career Opportunities

French minors can proceed to graduate and professional schools with language skills that will help make them a sought-after commodity.

Possible career paths for students with a French minor include:

  • technology
  • translation/interpretation
  • government
  • diplomacy
  • journalism
  • international business
  • social work