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The Meridian Scholar Program is an innovative program that invites visiting artists and scholars for a 10-day residency to work directly with UT students in the creation of a dynamic print-based art project. This unique program was designed as an atelier, an interdisciplinary workshop where students and master artists explore materials, processes and technology. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Meridian Scholar Program as a course, earning credits towards their degree. It is in this spirit of true research, applied innovation and scholarship that we build invaluable connections between our students and the world of contemporary art. (The Meridian Scholar program is formerly known as STUDIO-f).

Visiting artists included Sam Gilliam, Joyce J. Scott, Roberto Juarez, Miriam Schapiro, Audrey Flack, Pedro Perez, Ed Paschke, Willy Heeks, John Walker, Tom Lieber, Larry Poons, Sam Messer, James McGarrell, Robert Rahway Zakanitch, Stephen Greene, Katherine Porter, Hollis Sigler, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid and Louisa Chase.

Meridian Scholar Program is located in Bailey Arts Studio, 310 N. Boulevard, at The University of Tampa campus in downtown Tampa. For more information or to receive a schedule of upcoming events, please contact Jocelyn Boigenzahn at (813) 253-6217,

students watching artist

Meridian Scholar Program is UT's visiting artist program that introduces national and international artists to the community

R.K. Bailey Art Studios Featuring the Fab Lab

flower drawings

Since 1990, participants have included such prominent artists as Louisa Chase, Sam Messer, Ed Paschke and most recently, Audrey Flack.

Art Major

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Meridian Scholar Program artists work in collaboration
with a master printer for 10 days.

Scarfone Hartley Gallery

visiting artist

The program gives art students and enthusiasts an opportunity to meet world-class artists.

Fine Arts Majors

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Each artist gives a lecture in the teaching gallery to provide added insight on the art process.

Painting Minor