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The University of Tampa awards credit to students who complete Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) exam credit which encompasses A-level and AS-level exams with a passing score of A/a, B/b, C/c, D/d, or E/e (pass). Eight credits are awarded for A-level exams while four credits are awarded for AS-level exams. A maximum of 30 credits can be granted. Credit is granted as specific subject credit, elective credit or credit towards general education requirements.

The University of Tampa will only award credit once the official A-level or AS-level exam certificate has been issued. Preliminary results, statement of results and unofficial photocopies cannot be used to grant credit. Once you have received your official A-level or AS-level exam certificate, either have your school make an official photocopy of the original by stamping the copy as official or submit the original exam certificate to the Office of Admissions. A certified photocopy will be made, and the original certificate(s) will be returned to you.

This evaluation of the credits awarded for A-level and AS-level examinations is subject to change and may be reviewed and revised periodically by The University of Tampa. Subjects not currently listed will be reviewed individually.

A-Level Exam Subject UT Course Spartan Studies
Accounting AS Level BUS TR
Accounting A level BUS TR
Applied Information and Communication Technology (ICT) no credit
Arabic AS Level ARA 101 TBH
Arabic A Level ARA 101/102 TBH
Art and Design AS Level ART TR VPA
Art and Design A Level ART TR VPA
Biology AS Level BIO 124 NSD
Biology A Level BIO 124/BIO 198/BIO 198L NSD
Business/Business Studies AS Level BUS 101 TRW (waiver)
Business/Business Studies A Level BUS 101 TRW/BUS TR
Chemistry AS Level CHE 126 NSD
Chemistry A Level CHE 126/CHE 152 and 153L NSD
Chinese AS Level CHI 101 TBH
Chinese A Level CHI 101/102 TBH
Computer Science AS Level UTAMPA 200 UTAMPA 200
Computer Science A Level UTAMPA 200 UTAMPA 200
Design and Technology AS Level no credit
Design and Technology A Level no credit
Design and Textiles no credit
Digital Media and Design AS Level FMX 210
Digital Media and Design A Level FMX 210/FMX 241
Economics AS Level ECO TR
Economics A Level ECO 204/205 SSD
English - Language and Literature AS Level AWR 101
English - Language and Literature A Level AWR 101/201
English - Literature AS Level LIT TR TBH
English - Literature A Level LIT TR TBH
Environmental Management AS Level only ENS 112 NSD
Food Studies HSC 203
French AS Level FRE 101 TBH
French A Level FRE 101/102 TBH
Geography AS Level GEO TR SSD
Geography A Level GEO TR/GEO TR SSD
General Paper no credit
German AS Level GER 101 TBH
German A Level GER 101/102 TBH
Global Perspectives (AS only) IST TR SSD
History AS Level HIS TR SSD
History A Level HIS TR SSD
Information Technology AS Level ITM 220
Information Technology A Level ITM 220/BUS TR
Japanese AS Level JPN 101 TBH
Japanese A Level JPN 101/102 TBH
Law AS Level LJA TR
Law A Level LJA TR
Marine Science AS Level MAR 200
Marine Science A Level MAR 200 /MAR TR
Mathematics AS Level MAT 170 UTMAT
Mathematics A Level MAT 260/MAT 261 UTMAT
Further Mathematics A Level MAT 260/261 UTMAT
Media Studies AS Level COM TR SSD
Media Studies A Level COM TR/COM 224 SSD
Music AS Level MUS TR VPA
Physical Education AS Level HSC 220
Physical Education A Level HSC 220/ESC 110/ ESC TR
Physics AS Level PHY TR NSD
Physics A Level PHY 200/200L/201/201L NSD
Politics AS Level PSC TR SSD
Politics A Level PSC TR/PSC TR SSD
Portuguese AS Level POR 101 TBH
Portuguese A Level POR 101/102 TBH
Psychology AS Level PSY 101 SSD
Psychology A Level PSY 101/PSY TR SSD
Sociology AS Level SOC 100
Sociology A Level SOC 100/SOC TR SSD
Spanish AS Level SPA 101 TBH
Spanish A Level SPA 101/102 TBH
Thinking Skills AS Level PHL 212 TBH
Thinking Skills A Level PHL 212/PHL TR TBH
Travel and Tourism AS Level no credit
Travel and Tourism A Level no credit