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Personal Preparation

  • I have personally prepared for hurricane season, including arrangements for myself, family/friends, persons in need of special assistance, domicile, pets, etc.
  • I know my evacuation level.
  • I know where to shelter in place in the event of a tornado.
  • I know what fire station and hospital are closest to where I live.
  • I know about COVID-19, how it is transmitted, my role in limiting community spread and how to receive assistance if needed.

Campus and Community Resources

  •  I have the Campus Safety ((813) 257-7777) and Victim Advocacy ((813) 257-3900) numbers programmed into my contacts.
  •  I have updated my emergency contact information in Workday Student.
  • If I live on campus, I know how to contact my resident assistant and my professional Residence Life staff member, if needed.
  • I know how to contact the LASER Team ((813) 257-4515) for a safety escort.
  • I know the closest location of a fire extinguisher to my classrooms/residence hall room.
  • I am aware of the R.A.D. self-defense training program and the ALICE active shooter educational program on campus and how to sign up, if I so choose to participate.
  • I know how to report an issue of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking.
  • I know how to report an incident of bias that compromises our inclusive learning environment to the Bias Education Resource Team (BERT).