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Charges for tuition, mandatory fees, room, board and any miscellaneous fees are due on or before final registration/payment days. Cancellation of a student's schedule may occur at the sole discretion of the University if the account is unpaid, if the University's payment plan installments are incomplete or if financial aid resources cannot be confirmed by the final day of registration. Student tuition payments returned to the University for any reason will constitute non-payment and may result in the cancellation of a student's schedule. Cancellation of a schedule will require the student, no later than the end of the third week of the semester, to satisfy financial obligations and officially enroll in a new course schedule in accordance with add/drop procedures. A student who fails to satisfy financial obligations and officially enroll will not be recognized as a matriculated student.

Force Majeure

Circumstances outside the University’s control sometimes arise which affect or threaten the health, safety and well-being of our community. This may include but is not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, hurricanes, storms, fires, infectious diseases, pandemics, strikes or labor disputes, power outages, and physical or structural dangers. In the event of such circumstances, the University reserves the right to, in its discretion, make changes to methods, location and timing of instruction, delivery of and access to services, student life activities and opportunities, course content and instructors, etc., including possibly implementing a full or partial campus and/or housing closure, suspension or delay of classes, activities, dining and other services, and/or switching from in-person, on-campus learning and delivery of services and activities to remote learning and delivery of remote services and activities.

Except as otherwise set forth in the University’s refund policy relating to withdrawals and the process and timing of such withdrawals, you understand and agree you are responsible for all tuition and fees, including housing, dining, and other fees, regardless of the timing, location, and format in which education, services, and activities are provided (to the extent any specific services or activities are provided at all), and understand and agree that no refunds, reductions or credits for tuition, fees or other expenses (including dining and housing fees) will be provided in the event the University implements changes as necessitated by Acts of God and other matters outside the University’s control, including any changes from in-person, on-campus education, services and/or activities to remote services, activities and/or remote learning.

The University does not in any way guarantee in-person, on-campus education, activities, opportunities or services, or any other particular format, timing, or location of education, activities, opportunities, or services. By enrolling in the University or attending any classes, you understand and agree to these payment policies and terms.

Please Note

All outstanding obligations to the University must be resolved before students will be permitted to register for future semesters. Outstanding obligations may be to one or more of the following offices: the Bursar, Dean of Students, the Library, Residence Life, Admissions, Financial Aid, or Academic Advising. Students prevented from registering due to one or more of these "holds" will be notified.

Financial Aid

For eligible students, the Financial Aid Office will prepare an award package and the awards will be reflected on the Registration Billing Statement. Federal Subsidized and Federal Unsubsidized Student Loans minus origination fees will be reflected on the Registration Billing Statement after the student has completed the loan questionnaire, and the Financial Aid Office has approved the questionnaire. Federal Parent Loans minus origination fees will be reflected on the Registration Billing Statement after the lender has approved the loan. However, to have the awards paid to the student's account balance, all requested financial aid documents and promissory notes must be submitted to and approved by the Financial Aid Office.

The University of Tampa reserves the right to revise a student's financial aid award. Revision may result because of a change in the student's enrollment status, housing status, or because of new information including outside awards. Federal or state awards may change if the expected appropriations are not received. Awards are contingent upon maintenance of satisfactory progress. Should a student's award be revised for any reason resulting in a balance owed to the University, the student must settle their financial obligation with the Bursar's Office. If you have financial aid questions, please call (813) 253-6219.

Student Responsibility

The University holds the student responsible for auditing the information recorded on the billing statement and/or their account. If there are omissions, promptly call or email the office responsible for the entry (and, in any event, no later than three calendar days after noticing the error). The bill and/or account should include tuition and mandatory fees. If you are a residential student, the bill and/or account should include charges for your residence hall and/or meal plan.

The University holds the student responsible for the balance of their account. The student is responsible to insure that his/her scholarships, and/or loans and/or payment from his/her parent, guardian, trustee and/or outside source is applied to the balance of their account.

Should there be any outstanding debts owed to the University, services such as issuance of official transcripts and diplomas or participation in registration will be withheld. Failure to remit payment may result in the cancellation of the student's schedule and removal from University Housing.

Questions regarding the payment of your bill should be directed to the Bursar's Office at (813) 253-6202.