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Silent Witness Form

Submission of this form will not result in an immediate emergency response from the Department of Campus Safety. If you require immediate assistance, call Campus Safety at ext. 7777 on campus or (813) 257-7777 from any off-campus or cell phone. For the Tampa Fire Department or Tampa Police, dial 911.

Persons who are a witness or have information about a crime or incident that occurred on campus and wish to report it anonymously, please complete the below form. Information submitted will be kept confidential and anonymous, within the limits of the law.

This form is for crimes or incidents occurring on UT campus properties, (Campus Properties Map, PDF) and those occurring off campus that involve University of Tampa students, faculty or staff. Other off-campus crimes should be reported to the Tampa Police Department at (813) 231-6130, or dial 911 for emergencies.

Required Information is in bold red.

Crime Information

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Suspect Information

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Hair Color:
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 Vehicle Information

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Witness Information

(This information is optional and will be kept confidential, within the limits of the law.)
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