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  • You may only work for UT or for an on-campus employer (i.e. admissions office, UT library, media services, etc.). 
  • International students are not eligible for Federal Work/Study jobs. 
  • Your visa must be appropriate for employment. F-1 and J-1 students are eligible, although J-1 visa holders must have permission from their sponsor. J-2 students must have an employment authorization card. 
  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 hours for undergraduates, eight hours for graduates) unless it is during the summer vacation period. 
  • You are limited to 20 cumulative hours of employment per week when school is in session. (That means that you can have two jobs of 10 hours each, but NOT two jobs with total hours exceeding 20.) 
  • You may work more than 20 hours per week during vacation periods when school is not in session. During the summer months, you are only eligible for employment if you plan on being enrolled for the following fall term. 
  • Your passport must be current, the completion date on your I-20 cannot have passed and your I-94 card should have a D/S (for duration of status) indicated in the upper right-hand corner where it states, “Admitted until.” 
  • If you drop below full-time during the semester or fail to maintain your student status, any employment must cease immediately according to DHS regulations. 
  • Students must submit the F-1 On-Campus Employment Verification request in the ISSS portal. The Designated School Official (DSO) in the Office of International Programs processes this request to verify their eligibility for all UT on-campus jobs. 
  • All students who need to apply for a Social Security number must obtain an Employment Authorization letter for the Social Security Administration. The student employment coordinator in UT's Human Resources can provide this letter for students after completion of all employment paperwork. Graduate assistants, however, obtain this letter from the College of Business Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. 
  • Students are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes, but will be responsible for federal income tax. All student employees must file a federal income tax return. There is currently an exemption for students, so many students will get a refund of any federal taxes withheld. (Students should check to see if their country has a tax treaty with the United States that allows them a larger exemption.)  
  • Early in the spring semester, the Office of International Programs sends an e-mail to all international students with information about Sprintax. This provider helps all UT students with the process of submitting their tax returns.  
  • A W-2 form is sent to all employees at the beginning of the calendar year to be used in preparing your tax return. If you leave the University or change your address, be sure to let the Payroll Office know where to send your W-2 form. A copy must be attached to your 1040 tax form. 


For more information about on-campus employment and how to apply, please contact: 

The Office of International Programs 
Plant Hall Room 300 
(813) 258-7433