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Each day, members of the University community make choices about health and wellness issues. The University of Tampa is committed to educating its members so that the choices in these areas are made responsibly. The University's substance abuse prevention program is under the direction of the associate dean of wellness, while the organizational alcohol policy is a responsibility of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. Resource materials may be obtained in the Dickey Health and Wellness Center.

This project was formerly funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education and is comprised of faculty, staff and students who are working to provide education for the University community. This section of the student handbook contains substance abuse information that may be useful to community members. A special thanks is extended to Partners Team 5, chaired by Pamela Bracken. Since much of this information was abstracted from other institutions' publications, appropriate credit is given where possible.


The University of Tampa is committed to clear and concise policies on alcohol and other drug use and abuse, as well as a coordinated program for assistance in dealing with substance abuse issues for all University employees and students as required by The Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (PL 101-226).