Live Well UT is a student-led organization that empowers the UT community to continually improve healthy behaviors and lifestyles in themselves and others. Live Well UT is based on a holistic well-being philosophy that addresses the community’s dynamic need and all aspects of a balanced life by providing a wide array of services and education. It also acts as the overarching umbrella for multiple wellness initiatives out of the Wellness Center.

Live Well UT welcomes any students, faculty and staff looking to help make a difference on campus. Current or future professionals in a health-related field are especially encouraged to join. Email Addie Carothers for more information.

Live Well UT Student Led Initiatives

There are 20 student led initiative under Live Well UT. Please click here to learn more about them.

Stress Management Programs:

Yoga class at the Fitness Center – Fall schedule coming soon

Meditation classes – Fall schedule coming soon

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Visit Live Well UT's website for more information.