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Victim Advocacy Information

College campuses are academic institutions that foster individual growth and intellectual development in safe and supportive environments. Statistics demonstrate that college students are safer than people of the same age in different environments. But, despite best efforts and practices, no campus is completely safe and college students do become crime victims. The University of Tampa is committed to supporting our students and this website is a basic introduction to campus services and responses.

UT is proud to offer victim advocacy services to any student who has been the victim of a violent crime. The program is staffed with trained advocates who are designated by the Office of the Attorney General to provide victim services and work on-campus in student life. An advocate may be contacted during the fall and spring semesters through the victim advocate hotline (813) 257-3900 or by contacting Campus Safety. During summer terms or between academic terms, advocates may be contacted solely through Campus Safety. You may always contact an advocate by emailing

Campus advocates can provide a number of services for students who have been the victim of a violent crime. These include:

  • providing information on reporting procedures to both on and off campus agencies;
  • processing reactions to the crime and listening to feelings and concerns;
  • addressing specific issues related to personal safety on and off campus;
  • attending appointments and/or hearing meetings with the victim; and
  • contacting others on behalf of the victim with their permission.


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Advocate Hotline

The University of Tampa Victim Advocate Hotline (813) 257-3900

Advocate Hotline: (813) 257-3900