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Do I have the University-provided student health insurance?
If you are a registered undergraduate student takin 12 or more credit hours or a registered international student with F-1 or J-1 visa, you are automatically enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare student health insurance program. 

Domestic graduate students may purchase the student health insurance through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

Why is the University-provided student health insurance required?
Historically UT has provided one insurance plan for all full-time students. Providing those students with fair and easy access to on-campus primary care services aids the individual student, as well as the student body, and supports our educational mission, which includes a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The reasons for requiring University-provided student health insurance include the following:

  • The insurance plan provided is specifically designed for UT students and Tampa Bay area providers.
  • Individual insurance policies change, and sometimes coverage is lost during the course of an academic year. The University student insurance plan provides all full-time students with continuous and equal access to on-campus health and wellness services. The coverage is considerable and ensures that every full-time student may access care when s/he needs it.
  • No student will fall through the cracks due to inadequate insurance coverage.
  • The student health center can make appropriate referrals to in-network specialist providers in the vicinity.
  • Students who do not have insurance or adequate insurance and do not seek care can sometimes cause disruptions that impact the larger campus community.
  • Students who do not seek care for their illnesses may put other students at risk.
  • Counseling services are included in the student health plan.
  • The student insurance plan removes obstacles to accessing campus health and wellness services and benefits the student, institution and community.

I already have health insurance and would like to decline coverage under the UT policy.
Employer and individual health insurance policies can vary widely. While some policies provide excellent coverage, many policies do not cover out-of-network treatment provided by local health facilities and professionals in UT's regional area. The Dickey Health and Wellness Center, located on the UT campus, contracts exclusively with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources and is not an in-network provider to any other insurance plan. The Health and Wellness Center is an exclusive, private provider that exists for the sole benefit of UT students. For these reasons, and for the benefits specified above, the University automatically enrolls students in the Student Health Insurance Plan, administered by UnitedHealthcare Student Resources, to enable them to use on-campus health and wellness services. Students cannot waive the student health insurance.

How do I pay for the University-provided student health insurance?
The student health insurance is billed to students as the student health fee. This fee not only provides coverage under the University-provided student health insurance, but also provides students access to non-insurance covered health, counseling, and wellness services provided on campus. The health fee is billed as a separate item for easier readability.

When can I use the University-provided student health insurance?
Your policy begins Aug. 1 and ends Dec. 31 for the fall semester and begins Jan. 1 and ends July 31 for the spring semester. Students must have been eligible for coverage in the spring for summer coverage. There is not a separate policy for summer.

Where can I use the University-provided student health insurance?
You can use your policy anywhere United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) is accepted. However, you MUST use the services of the health center first where you will either be treated or issued a referral for off-campus care to a participating provider. Using the services of the health center reduces out-of-pocket costs to the student and allows the health center staff to determine whether a referral to a specialist is necessary. Treatment rendered outside the SHC for which no prior approval or referral is obtained is excluded from coverage.

Please see exceptions to this below:

A referral for care off-campus is not necessary Only under these conditions:

  • Medical Emergency. However, following emergency treatment, you must return to the health center fr necessary follow-up care if you are in the Tampa Bay areea. 
  • When the health center is closed.
  • When more than 25 miles from UT.
  • If you have coverage, but do not meet the eligibility requirements to use the health center.
  • Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care.
  • Mental Illness treatment and Substance Use Disorder treatment.

Is all medical care covered under the University-provided student health insurance?
No. While most services provided at the health center are covered 100%, prescription medications dispensed at your visit require a small copayment ($10 for generics and $15 for brand name drugs) except for birth control. 

There are also conditions that are excluded by the policy. A list of these exclusions can be found in the full policy at

Are counseling services covered under the University-provided student health insurance?
Yes, mental health services are covered and paid as any other sickness as outlined above.

Does the University-provided student health insurance cover dental or vision care?
Students under the age of 19 have dental and vision coverage. Call (800) 237-0903 for details and policy information. The Health Center does not provide dental or vision services and cannot provide details on coverage for these benefits.

Students 19 and older do not have any dental coverage unless injury-related. Vision treatment is also not a covered benefit. The policy only covers injury and infection to the eyes.

How do I get a copy of my University-provided student health insurance ID card?
Create your My Account by visiting With My Account you'll have information about your coverage, immediate access to view and print your ID cards and access to your claim history, including your explanation of benefits (EOBs). As an effort to be green, UHCSR does not automatically mail an ID card to you.
You can access all the insurance info you need online or on your smartphone by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. If this is your first time to this site, click on Create  Account Now
  3. Ener your First and Last Name, SOB, and either your Email, Student ID, or SR ID.
  4. Create your Username and Password and click Next to activate your My Account. 
  5. Log-in using the Username and Password you created.
  6. Verify your identity using either your email or cell phone number. UHCSR will send you a code to enter to complete your verification. 

Where can I find additional information and view coverage and benefits provided under this policy?
Please visit UnitedHealthcare StudentResources to:

  • Review policy coverage and benefits
  • Update personal information
  • Search for a preferred provider
  • Find the closest in-network pharmacy
  • Submit claims, check claim status and EOB
  • Provide other insurance information, accident details or Personal Representative Appointment