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The Office of Career Services encourages quality employers to do interviews at The University of Tampa for internships and full-time degree-required employment.

Open or Pre-select Interviews

Employers will typically use an open sign-up format through Handshake meaning that all qualified candidates may reserve an interview slot upon application. Some prefer to pre-select the candidates to interview. Employers with pre-select schedules will collect candidate resumes through Handshake and then notify the candidates who are selected to interview. Accepted candidates will be asked to login to their Handshake account to choose an interview slot.

Calendar of Interviews

There are two recruitment seasons: mid-September to the first part of December and mid-January through the end of April. An up-to-date list of employers is available on Handshake. The current list of scheduled interviews will appear on the opening page after logging into the system. To sign up for an interview, you must have a current resume uploaded in Handshake.

Student Code of Conduct

Students who wish to participate in on-campus recruitment are required to adhere to ethical and professional behavior as is outlined in the Code of Conduct. Students and alumni should understand that on-campus recruitment is a privilege and should be treated with the highest level of professional and ethical behavior. Students who sign up for an interview automatically agree to abide by this code of conduct. If you have questions, please contact the director of Career Services.