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The UT Journal

The University of Tampa's full-color magazine connects UT to its alumni, parents and friends. Three issues are published each year: Spring (in April), Fall (in August) and Winter (in December). 

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UT Journal Winter 2022 Cover
The Winter 2022 Issue

Seven of this issue’s articles are available as links below, and the entire issue can also be read as a Zmag.


As longtime University of Tampa benefactor John Sykes finished a meeting with UT President Ronald Vaughn in 1997 about plans for what would become the Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values, he had one additional thought.

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Last September, BBC News reported alarming findings from a worldwide survey of 10,000 16-to-25- year-olds: Nearly 60% of them said they felt “very worried” or “extremely worried” about climate change, and more than 45% said feelings about climate affected their daily lives.

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Selwyn Birchwood MBA ’12 knew his destiny wasn’t to work at an AT&T store. He was born to sing the blues and he knew it. But several years and a couple of hundred gigs after getting an undergraduate degree in marketing from UCF, he was still selling cellphones by day. “I felt trapped,” recalls Birchwood, 37, of his travails from a decade ago. “I had no idea if a career in music would work out for me, but I knew that I hated my job. I had bills to pay, so I decided to go back to school.”

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Spartan Spotlights

Crime Fighter Turned Crime Writer
David Rey ’03

David Rey ’03 shares a peak into his new memoir, Larceny on 34th St., with his “high drama, high adrenaline” experiences from working at Macy’s Herald Square.

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Activism Online and Offline
Alejandra Caraballo ’12

Alejandra Caraballo ’12 found her calling as a public interest lawyer, teaching cyberlaw at Harvard and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community online.

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Spartan Ready Philanthropy

Most UT students are grateful for the world-class education and good times they soak up during their years on campus. But some consider their time in Tampa truly life-changing, and retired Army Lt. Col. Constantine “Thom” Bougas ’74 is certainly in that extra-appreciative club.

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Maria and Paul Weizer have the ultimate conversation-stopper of a “how we met” story. Back in their student days at UT, Maria ’96 was a freshman attending her first ROTC Leadership Lab in her heavy camo training garb. On a blazingly hot Florida day, she passed out, and — wait for it — her squad leader Paul ’94, MBA ‘11, then a junior, was the person to attend to her and get help.

Read Story: Spartan Spirit Squared: How One Couple Gives Back

Patricia “Trish” Ross ’89 has had a high-flying career — quite literally. She’s a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who has recently been named Commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Veterans Service. The launching pad for her success? She gives UT a round of applause.

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