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Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium at The University of Tampa is an in person showcase of students’ summer research accomplishments. This event will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 1, 2023, in the Grand Salon on the first floor of Plant Hall. This is an event where the student will have a poster and give a presentation on their summer research. You are welcome to interact with students and ask questions. The entire UT community, as well as friends and family members, are welcome to join and participate.

Please direct questions to David Reamer, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, at

2023 Student Presentation Titles:

Do the Benefits of Collaborative Group Exams Extend Beyond Improved Student Performance?
Jillian Arzoumanian, Marine Science- Biology
Jeff Grim, Biology

Azido-Oxygenation of 1, 3- Dienes
Adriana Barni, Biochemistry
Brett Hemric, Chemistry

20th Century Cuba: A Newspaper Analysis 1868-1898.
Melissa Belen Cruz, Criminology and Criminal Justice
James Lopez, Spanish, Language and Linguistics
Dayana Figueredo, Political Science
Denis Rey, Political Science

Planning for Tomorrow: Exploring Baby Boomer’s Transition from Independence to Senior Living.
Paris Bild, Marketing
Jennifer Burton, Marketing

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Inhibition of Alkaline Phosphatase by L-phenylalanine.
Catherine Boino, Biochemistry
Benjamin Wilson, Chemistry

Lila Clay's Company of Ladies: Late 19th Century Feminism in Music
Hannah Caraker, Music Education
Anne Heminger, Music

Stomach Content Analysis of the Non-native Mayan Cichlid (Mayaheros urophthalmus) in Wolf Branch Creek Nature Preserve, Hillsborough County, FL.
Adam Cieslik, Marine Science-Biology
Mark McRae, Biology

What Makes Risky Facilities Criminogenic? An Examination of Environmental Disorder and Crime Trends at Alcohol Facilities.
Molly Corts, Psychology
Nathan Connealy, Criminology

Antioxidant Treatment Mechanisms in Drug Resistant Breast Cancer.
Sofia Cuello, Biology
Kimberly Dobrinski, Biology

A Systematic Review of the Respiratory Effects of Red Tide (Karenia brevis)?
Mekenzie Dahlin, Allied Health
Mary Martinasek, Public Health, Health Sciences and Human Performance

How do Episodic Inputs of Nutrients into the Ocean Relate to Red Tide Events?
Abhijeet Deshpande, Marine Chemistry
Robert Masserini, Chemistry

Verification of the Spectral Synthesis Code, SPAE.
Antonio Fedi, Physics
Simon Schuler, Physics

Do Seasonal Fluctuations in Habitat Affect the Health and Reproductive Success of Sea Urchins in Tampa Bay?
Lydia Francis, Biology
Michelle Osovitz, Biology

Hey, Look Ma, I Made it! College, Emerging Adulthood Development, and Quality of Parental Relationships.
Sebastian Giarratana, Psychology
Erin Koterba, Psychology

Tracing the Every Day.
Kaylie McRostie, Art
Ryan McCullough, Art and Design

Bottoms up During Harmful Algal Blooms in Tampa Bay? Investigation of Nutrient Effects on Karenia brevis Blooms and Zooplankton Community Dynamics.
Alyssa Myers, Marine Chemistry and Marine Science- Biology
Rebecca Waggett, Biology

Do Demilitarization Policies Affect Police Killings?
Hope Pohlman, Psychology
Ryan Welch, Political Science

Portraits of Prostitution: An Examination of Sex Work and Working Class Women's Experiences in Progressive Era New York City (1890-1920).
Jillian Richarz, History
Charles McGraw-Groh, History

Social Media Use in Planning Immigration to the US: In-depth Interviews to Gain a Nuanced Understanding Regarding Sharing Information, Resources, Support, and More.
Jennifer Rodriguez, Advertising and Public Relations
Sarah Smith-Frigerio, Communication

Identifying a Cryptic, Invasive Species of Toad from the Genus Rhinella.
Rachel Ryweck, Biology
Jacob LaFond, Biology

Corporate Colonialism: US Companies and Imperialism in Panama.
Angelina Santana, History and Political Science
G. Patrick O’Brien, History