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The University of Tampa’s B.S. in Computer Science is a cutting-edge program that teaches students core and contemporary topics in computing and prepares them for challenging roles in a growing industry. Our curriculum covers core fundamentals and applied aspects of hardware and software and exposes students to advanced topics in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence; data science; computer networking and security; and web programming and development.

Hands-On Learning
The curriculum begins with a unique first-year experience that exposes students to computing through a custom single-board computing platform, allowing them to work with external circuits and sensors as they learn the fundamentals of computing.

Throughout the curriculum, students benefit from hands-on learning, with a focus on tangible projects in real-world contexts. As they build their technical expertise, students also develop important skills in teamwork, problem-solving and communication. Internship and apprenticeship opportunities provide additional experience and job connections. During their senior year, students complete a team-based, industry-focused capstone project.

Topics of Study
The major in computer science covers a range of computing topics:

  • The science of computing (which includes algorithm design and computer programming)
  • Data structures and algorithm analysis
  • Computer organization and architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Software design and engineering
  • Ethics and impact of computing

UT also offers a minor in computer science for students who wish to develop an understanding of computer science and gain practical computing skills. This minor is a useful addition to any degree program and provides a foundation for graduate studies in computer science.

Career Preparation
Students receive a broad education in computer science that prepares them to be competitive in the workforce. Graduates are equipped for roles in software development and engineering, web development, data analysis, cybersecurity and more, in industries ranging from technology and finance to health care and entertainment. Virtually every organization has a need for computer science professionals.

In the Tampa Bay area, top employers for computer science graduates include Microsoft, Salesforce, NetSuite, Greenway Health, Deloitte, IBM, Parsons, Bank of America, KnowBe4, ConnectWise, Nielsen and Digital Hands.