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Course Schedule

Workday contains the most up-to-date live course schedule. It is the student's responsibility to use The University of Tampa Course Catalog in conjunction with this course schedule to check for course prerequisites and co-requisites. Check the course section's "Start Date" to determine whether a course meets first seven weeks, second seven weeks or the full semester.

Advisor's Registration Clearance

Undergraduates should visit their assigned advisor to review their planned schedule and obtain clearance to register. Graduate students do not need their advisor's clearance to register for any term.

Course Prerequisites

Consult The University of Tampa Catalog from the year the course is being offered for course prerequisite and co-requisite information. Catalogs are available online. You may be removed from classes for which you are registered if you have not met the prerequisites.

Waitlist Available for Closed Classes

Once a course section has closed, a waitlist will be created for the section. When you try to register for a class that is closed, you’ll have the option to join the waitlist if you have the prerequisites and do not have a time conflict. If a seat in the waitlisted class opens and you are eligible, Workday will add the section to your schedule. Joining a waitlist does not result in billing until you are added to the section. If you decide that you no longer want the section, but have joined the waitlist, you must drop from the waitlist. Joining a waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in the section. You should actively watch for open seats that may meet your needs. Depending on waitlist activity, we may add seats or whole sections. If we are unable to accommodate waitlist requests for a section, we may cancel your waitlist registration and tell you to find alternative options. If you are not successful in adding the waitlisted class, you should look for an alternative course or speak with your faculty advisor to find additional options. Your faculty advisor may choose to assist by contacting the department chair when the waitlisted class is critical to final graduation requirements or progress in the major. The department chair is unlikely to honor a request for a seat when there are open sections of the same class. If you join a waitlist, check your current schedule regularly as the course might be automatically added at any time without notice.

Repeating Undergraduate Courses

Under certain conditions, course repeats are permitted for courses in which the student has previously been awarded the grade of "CD," "D," "F," "NF" only. See The University of Tampa Catalog for details about the University's forgiveness policy. Forms for requesting grade forgiveness are available in the Academic Advising Office and the Registrar's Office. The forgiveness policy does not apply to graduate studies.

Air Force ROTC/Naval ROTC

Air Force ROTC and Naval ROTC courses are open only to students enrolled in the Air Force or Naval ROTC programs with the University of South Florida (USF). Most Air Force ROTC courses and all Naval ROTC courses are conducted on the campus of the University of South Florida. Such courses count as part of the student's University of Tampa class load. All rules and procedures, including the Academic Calendar contained in this schedule, should be observed when registering for Air Force or Naval ROTC courses. The University of Tampa exam schedule, however, does not apply to Air Force or Naval ROTC courses. All Air Force ROTC members must attend Fitness Classes at USF. Permission from the USF Air Force ROTC program [(813) 974-3367] is required for registration in AFR classes. Permission from the USF Naval ROTC program [(813) 974-4789)] is required for registration in NAV classes.

Dropping Classes vs. Withdrawing from Classes

The deadline to drop a course is 11:59 p.m. on the date listed on the Academic Calendar. Students on financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping classes. After that deadline, students must officially withdraw from a class using Workday. A student who decides not to attend a class, but does not follow the official drop procedure, will receive a grade of "NF" for each course and will incur full financial responsibility. Students who officially withdraw from a 14-week class by the deadline stated in the Academic Calendar will receive a grade of "W" on each course dropped, and billed a $30 withdrawal fee. Students withdrawing from classes after the published date receive a failing grade of WF. Students who withdraw from classes are not permitted to continue to attend. Separate dates apply to seven-week courses: see the Academic Calendar.

Complete Withdrawals

A student who decides to withdraw completely from the University should process a complete an online withdrawal form.

Class Changes/Room Assignments

The University of Tampa reserves the right to cancel any class listed. All official changes (time, room and instructor) to the schedule can be viewed on the Live Schedule within Workday.  Instructors are subject to change and the change to the student's schedule is the notification. View your current classes tab in the Academics menu of your Workday student profile just before classes begin, as classroom assignments often change.


It is University policy that each instructor, according to the needs of his or her classes, may maintain attendance rules. Each student should be familiar with the attendance policies of his or her instructors. The faculty administers these rules and questions should be directed to them. Students who stop participating in class without officially withdrawing from the class will receive an "NF" grade for the course, which is equivalent to "F."

Applying for Graduation

Use the Apply to Graduate link on the Workday Academics dashboard at the start of the semester you are completing. This gets your name in the commencement program and gives ample time to review spelling or to make changes. Your diploma will be printed from this application. All graduate students complete a degree application with their advisor in addition to applying to graduate on Workday.

Undergraduate Transfer Courses

New Students: An official evaluation of your transfer credits will be completed prior to the start of the term, assuming all official final transcripts for off-campus work have been received by the Admissions Office at least 30 days prior to the start of the term. Transfer credits are posted on Workday.

Continuing Students: Continuing undergraduate students at the University must apply for permission to take courses at another accredited institution. The Transient Credit Request form can be obtained on Workday (UT Forms) and on SpartanNet. Students are strongly encouraged to review the course equivalency table regarding course transfer credit and consult their academic advisor regarding transient course work prior to enrolling in courses at other institutions. This form must receive a final review signature from the Registrar’s Office. Once the official transcript is received from the transient institution, transfer credit will be evaluated if the transient form has received final approval signatures. It is strongly recommended that the student complete the process before enrolling in a course elsewhere. Additional policies are listed on the form.

Declaring a Major

Students are encouraged to declare their major before the end of their sophomore year. Declaration of major takes place within Workday on your student profile. When authenticated through MyUtampa, this help page can show you how.