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When did Workday Student go into effect? 

Workday Student was launched and was used for Fall 2020 registration. The system has continued to be used for all student registration periods (fall, spring, summer and winter schedules) since Fall 2020.  

How will continuing students register for classes?    

Students will log into MyUTampa, select the Workday icon and navigate to the Academics icon to access the Registration tab. 

What are the dates for registration for continuing students?   

Please reference the class schedule and registration information page for the most up to date information surrounding registration dates.  

How do new students register for classes?

New students receive orientation information and instructions on how to register for classes through SpartanStart after they are admitted. Instructions on how to access SpartanStart are sent to students at the time of application.

How can I view my schedule and make changes after I have registered?

Log into Workday via MyUTampa. Select the Academic icon, and under the Registration tab select the View My Courses. To the right of the screen (you may have to scroll over) are the terms Drop and Swap. You can use this after to drop a class, or if you are interested can also swap a class. 

How do continuing students remove a financial responsibility hold? 

Go to Academics, click the Registration tab, and under 'Actions To Do', complete the necessary actions. 

Do all holds prolong registration?

Each hold can be configured to have different impacts. Not all holds have the impact of stopping registration. Students with holds should read the hold text and complete the requirement where possible. The hold text should also include information about the office responsible for placing the hold and their contact information.

How will I view the course description of classes, amount of credits eligible for each course and other details? 

Course descriptions are viewable anywhere a course number is listed with a blue hyperlink to see more about that specific course. For example, when reviewing course sections, drill through the section and then drill through the course number to see course details. To find course sections for a specific semester, select the 'Academics' icon within your Workday applications. On the 'Registration' tab select 'Plan My Registration', type the appropriate semester (e.g. Fall, Spring, etc.) to jump to that semester and, select the course you want to view. Another option is typing 'Find Courses' in the Workday search bar which lists every course ever offered, past and present, without specifying which semester.

How will I know if I am not added to a course through the waitlist process?

No notification will be sent to your Workday inbox if you have not been added to a waitlisted course. Please work with your academic advisor if/when you have questions.

How should I monitor my credit hours to avoid incurring additional fees, such as exceeding 18 credit hours? Is there a place where I can see this in Workday?

On the Registration tab, the 'View My Courses' link lists a total number of enrolled credits as does the 'Current Classes' tab of your student profile.

How can I know if I have added myself to too many waitlisted courses?

On the Registration tab, the 'View My Courses' link contains a list of waitlisted sections beneath the list of enrolled courses.

Who should I contact if I have more questions surrounding the waitlist?

You should contact your academic advisor to discuss.

How do I register with co-requisites (two courses that must be registered together as a pair)?

Register for the course and an alert will indicate to also select a section of its dependent course. For example, register for the lecture, and when it lists lab options, pick one of the open labs to complete the transaction.

When two courses must be taken as a pair, such as a lecture and a lab, when looking at the eligibility of one of the courses alone, a 'no' is listed next to the eligibility for the individual course as no one can add it alone. The registration will go through only when students register for both lecture and lab together. Workday words that eligibility as 'completed' or is 'in process of completing' and then lists the required pair. No prerequisite override requests or approvals are necessary for lecture or lab when all other requirements for the course have been met.

Is there a way to narrow my search when finding a course to add to my schedule?

On the Academics dashboard, under the Registration tab's 'Planning and Registration', choose 'Plan My Registration' to arrive at the 'Find Course Sections' page. After entering a semester search for  Fall, Spring, Winter, or Summer (and the related year) then select the level such as undergraduate, that class schedule will appear. On the left-hand side of your screen you will see many filters such as 'Course Tags.' You can check the boxes of what you would like to filter your search by to narrow your findings.

Will I still be able to create a schedule for my courses?

Yes, multiple schedules can be created prior to registering for classes. Creating schedules in Workday does not mean registration has been completed. A how-to guide and video are available to show this process by selecting the 'Workday Help' icon after logging into Workday. 

How can I view my schedule in a calendar format in the system?

When going through the process of building your planned schedules before registering, you will be adding many courses to one schedule at a time. After creating your schedule for registration, giving it a name, choosing the course sections and times for each class, and adding those classes to your schedule, you will arrive at a page titled 'Add Course to Schedule.' On this page, you are given different options such as 'Start Registration,' 'View Schedule,' 'Add Course' and 'Edit.' Click on 'View Schedule' to see how your planned schedule looks on a calendar.

What does course eligibility mean?

Course eligibility states prerequisites, co-requisites, and other requirements to meet in order to register for a course. 'Eligibility' is seen on the course section as a list of courses and other requirements to meet in order to register. Some have 'any' of the following: MAT 170, MAT 260, MAT 261, meaning that any one of those math courses qualifies. It is also used to restrict the number of seats for a specific population (ex: 10 seats reserved for majors). Workday recognizes in-progress spring/summer courses as meeting prerequisites.

How long will the registration process take? 

The process timeline to register has many different dependencies, including the number of credit hours and classes being taken, assuring that all prerequisites have been met, and more. However, the new system is very user-friendly, and easy to navigate, enrolling in one class, granted all dependencies have been met takes less than one minute. 

How will I track my degree guide on Workday Student?

The degree guide is called academic progress in Workday. Once logged into Workday simply select the academic icon, a student dashboard is presented that displays a student schedule, as well as academic progress and more. 

How does Workday Student differ from the Workday Student I already have as an employee? 

Workday is the same system used to login as a student employee. Once Workday Student goes live new icons, such as registration, will display in the same Workday system you log into today as a student employee.          

Where can I obtain my unofficial transcript? 

Students can use Workday to generate an unofficial transcript by selecting the 'Academics' icon, then to the right under the Academic Records area select the 'Generate Unofficial Transcript'. Students should check the 'bell' icon in their Workday inbox to view the unofficial transcript.  

How can I explore my potential graduation path?

It is recommended that you work with your academic advisors to explore potential graduation paths.  However, in the system, you may use the academics icon in Workday to view your academic progress. 

How can I explore my projected GPA?

After you have logged into Workday, you may utilize the academics icon to view academic history.  The academic history tab will display a student’s current GPA, as well as the term GPA in this area.  An anticipated or projected GPA does not currently exist, as new functionality in Workday is forthcoming.   

How do I print my academic progress plan in Workday?

After clicking on the 'Academics' icon within your applications, scroll down to 'View my Academic Progress' under 'Academic Advising.' This will bring you to your degree guide. In the top right-hand corner, you will see the 'print' icon. Workday will give you the option to download the document; then you are able to print from your device.

Where do I go if I need tutorials on how to carry out actions in Workday?

When you open Workday via MyUTampa, there is a 'Workday Help' icon within your applications. This icon will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do certain things in Workday, such as 'How to Register from a Saved Schedule' and 'View the Schedule in a Calendar View' or 'How to View Financial Aid.'

What mobile apps will help me the most when it comes to Workday?

Every student should download the Okta Mobile App and the Workday Mobile App. Sign in using 'Utampa' as the site name. From there, you will create a pin number and will also have the option to use touch ID to sign in.

Tip: After logging into Workday via MyUTampa use the Workday Help icon on the landing page to access job aids, how-to guides, and videos surrounding Workday Student.