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This page contains important information about parking and having a vehicle on the UT campus. Please read carefully!


IT IS ILLEGAL TO PARK anywhere on campus other than in a marked parking space. The absence of "No Parking" or "Fire Lane" signs, lack of curb paint or enough room for a vehicle to park does not suggest that parking is permitted. YOU MAY ONLY LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE IN MARKED PARKING SPACES. There are no exceptions.

Please note: It is illegal to park anywhere along North A Street, Brevard Ave., UT Poe Parkway, in, around or near AMSCOT or the privately owned properties on the west side of campus. It is also illegal to park along the CSX Railroad tracks that parallel Cass Street. Parking does not change during breaks, closures, or University operational changes. Anyone violating the University's parking policies may have their vehicle ticketed, booted, towed or impounded by the property owners, the City of Tampa and/or the University.

The University of Tampa assumes no liability, under any circumstances, for damaged, vandalized, stolen or impounded vehicles.