Potential criminal actions and any emergency on campus, including medical and fire emergencies, should be reported directly to the Department of Campus Safety by dialing x7777 from on campus, (813) 257-7777 from off campus, or by using one of the telephones listed below. 

Prompt reporting of all criminal incidents and emergencies is vital. Upon receipt of the call, a security officer will be dispatched immediately to the site of the call or will ask the victim to report to the Department of Campus Safety to file an incident report.

Safety Telephone Locations

(When handset is lifted off the cradle, the telephone immediately dials the Department of Campus Safety)

Bailey Art Studio Lobby
  • Breezeway
  • Next to rooms 160, 174 and opposite elevator 2nd floor
Cass/Science Annex North side parking lot, (solar powered)
Edison Building East side (solar powered)
Ferman Music Center Hallway
MacDonald-Kelce Library Southeast side
Pepin Stadium West side (solar powered)
Plant Hall Elevator landings
Plant Hall, Science Wing Outside of rooms. 104, 111 and 311
Riverside Building
  • Main entrance and classroom hallway
  • North side by ACR
Frank and Carol Morsani Hall/Cass Parking Lot East side (solar powered)
Frank and Carol Morsani Hall/Straz Hall Sidewalk between buildings (solar powered)
Lacrosse/Intramural Fields Southside of storage building
Softball Field West of perimeter fence (solar powered)
Sykes Building Parking Lot East side
Tennis Courts South side of West Garage (solar powered)
Thomas/Innovation and Collaboration Building Parking Garage Elevator landings and stairwell
Rescom Courtyard (solar powered)
"A" Street Parking Lot North side (solar powered)
West Parking Garage
  • Six on each floor
  • West side N. Boulevard at Straz Crosswalk (solar powered)
  • Vehicle entrance at card reader
  • Vehicle exit at guard shack
West Krusen Parking Lot Greenspace (solar powered)

Courtesy Telephone Locations

(Dial x7777 to contact the Department of Campus Safety)

Brevard Hall Two entrances
Austin Hall Two entrances
McKay Hall One entrance, by the office
Smiley Hall One entrance
Straz Hall Two entrances
Frank and Carol Morsani Hall One entrance
Vaughn Center Three entrances

Bob Martinez Sports Center Next to vending machines  
Cass Outside of room 121
Fairground Offices Entrance
Jaeb Computer Center Lobby
Macdonald-Kelce Library First floor stairwell  
McNiff Fitness Center Outside of entrance  
North Walker Hall Outside of room 129B
Plant Hall Across from Fletcher Lounge  
Plant Hall Loading dock
Safety and Security Entrance
Swimming Pool  
Sykes Building Vending area on first floor
Urso Hall Entrance
Vaughn Center Information desk