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Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report provides information about campus safety procedures, University policies and guidelines, and educational programming. It also contains University crime statistics.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

Daily Crime Log

The University of Tampa maintains a Daily Crime Log, for the most recent 60-day period, in the Campus Safety office located at 820 W. North A St. The Department of Campus Safety is responsible for maintaining the log on a daily basis. This log is available for review/inspection by anyone — University community members or the general public—requesting to see it during regular business hours. Daily Crime Logs older than the most recent 60-day period are also available within two (2) business days notice.

Log entries include all crimes reported to the Department of Campus Safety on campus, in or on non-campus buildings or property, or on public property within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. (See UT Campus Properties Map.)

Sex Offender Registry

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act and the Florida Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 mandate that higher education institutions inform their campus communities where information is available concerning registered sexual offenders.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website may be used to access all registered sexual offenders in the state of Florida.

Notifications of all sexual offenders employed or enrolled at The University of Tampa campus are provided by local and state law enforcement to the Department of Campus Safety and may be viewed in their office on request.

Anyone requiring additional information may contact Kevin Howell, director of Campus Safety, at (813) 257-7777 or

Statistical Collection


Campus crimes statistics are compiled by Campus Safety. This information is obtained in a variety of ways.

These ways include:

  • Direct student reports;
  • Reports from other crime reporters (see Reporting Crimes);
  • Statistics from local and state law enforcement agencies;
  • Confidential reports;
  • Residence Life staff; and
  • Third party reporting.

Timely Warnings

To help prevent crimes or serious incidents, Campus Safety, in conjunction with other departments on campus, issues Timely Warnings in order to notify University community members about crimes that may present a threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. Members of the campus community who know of a crime or other serious incident should report that incident as soon as possible to the Department of Campus Safety so that a Timely Warning can be issued, if warranted.

If community members report crimes or serious incidents to other University administrators, those administrators will notify the Department of Campus Safety. Timely Warnings are issued when the director of Campus Safety and the dean of students determine, after the report of a serious crime, that there is a continuing threat to the University community. A serious crime includes: criminal homicide, murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, hate crimes, and similar criminal conduct. Representatives of these offices will promptly notify and collaborate with the Department of Campus Safety to issue a Timely Warning, if one is appropriate.

Whenever it is determined that there is an ongoing danger to the safety of students, faculty and staff, Timely Warnings are distributed by Campus Safety and Residence Life personnel to on-campus offices, residence halls and other campus buildings. In addition, they are posted on the UT website on the Campus Safety page. Every attempt will be made to distribute the Timely Warning as soon as is reasonably possible after the incident is reported. However, the release is subject to the availability of accurate facts concerning the incident.

Reporting Area

Statistical crime reporting is not limited to campus buildings and streets. A detailed map (PDF) has been included to designate the precise area in which campus crime statistics are reported. This may include public property, city roadways, and adjacent sidewalks if they are reasonably contiguous to our campus area.