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If Someone Requires Medical Attention

  • Remain calm.
  • Call 911 and notify Campus Safety.
  • Do not move the person unless safety dictates.
  • If trained, use pressure to stop the bleeding and provide CPR.
  • Be aware of hazards associated with bloodborne pathogens. Do not come into contact with body fluids. If exposed to suspected infectious material, wash the exposed area thoroughly with soap and water and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Comfort the patient and reassure them that medical assistance is on the way.
  • First aid is just that. Do not jeopardize your health or the health of the patient. Wait for professional help if you are not able to provide proper first aid safely.

The University of Tampa has AEDs (automated external defibrillators) on campus to help increase the chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Each year, sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of at least 250,000 people. The only known treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is the use of a defibrillator, which uses a powerful electric shock to stop the abnormal rhythm so that the heart can return to a more normal beating pattern.

AED Campus Locations

Locations Automated External Defibrillators
Austin Hall First floor, lobby
Brevard Hall First floor, lobby
Campus Safety Behind front desk
Cass Building Breezeway
Cass Gym Southwest corner of gym, near room 101
Dickey Health and Wellness Center First floor, pharmacy
Fitness and Recreation Center First floor, east wing
First floor, west wing
Second floor, east wing
Second floor, west wing
Health Sciences and Human Performance Building First floor, near room 108
Intramural Sports Mobile
Jaeb Computer Center Behind help desk
Jenkins Hall First floor, north restrooms
Macdonald-Kelce Library First floor, restroom area
Martinez Sports Center First floor, lobby
Weight Room
Morsani Hall First floor, food court
North Walker Hall Restroom area, near room 127
Palm Apartments First floor, behind RA desk
Plant Hall First floor, under main south stairwell
Plant Hall Third floor, north stairwell
Pool North wall, restroom area
Riverside Center First floor, across from restrooms
Smiley Hall First floor, behind RA desk
Straz Hall First floor, behind front desk
Sykes College of Business First floor, vending area
Thompson Building First floor, elevator
Urso Hall First floor lobby, outside RA office
Vaughn Center First floor, by the ATM

CPR and AED Training

If you are interested in scheduling a CPR and AED training session for your area, email All training sessions for first-time CPR and AED certifications are four hours in duration. For re-certifications, the training sessions last approximately 90 minutes.