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Security of and Access to Campus Facilities

The security of and access to campus facilities is an important component of the University’s safety and security program. Both users of facilities and the Department of Campus Safety closely monitor access to campus facilities.

Academic buildings are open during the day and evening hours to allow students, staff and faculty access. These facilities are patrolled by Campus Safety officers during the evening hours and are locked by 11 p.m. each evening. The facilities are unlocked by 6:30 a.m. each morning. On weekends, access is limited to authorized individuals, i.e., faculty members, University staff, maintenance workers, etc.

Campus Safety officers patroling

Residence halls provide on-campus housing for more than 4,000 students. Security safeguards within the residence halls include restricted access and external door prop alarm systems. Crime prevention programs include individual floor meetings, residential community-wide presentations, and other educational programs. Access to University housing facilities is limited to residents, escorted guests and University staff. Entry is monitored on a 24-hour basis through a combination of restricted entrance, elevator cameras, key-card security systems, conventional keys and on-duty Residence Life personnel.

Residential facilities are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Only building residents are issued key-card access or exterior door keys (depending on the residence hall) and are cautioned not to allow anyone to follow them into the building. Doors are monitored by Campus Safety 24 hours a day to ensure that doors are not being propped open by residents and that the locking mechanisms are fully functional. Security cameras are also located in strategic public areas.

Professional residence hall area coordinators and student resident assistants, who are all members of the University Residence Life staff, live on campus and provide 24-hour staff coverage. Student room doors should be locked at all times, even when occupied. Residents with vehicles may park them on the third floor and higher of the West Parking Garage after purchasing a parking permit from Campus Safety. Residents are reminded to observe building security procedures and to notify Residence Life or the Department of Campus Safety of any unfamiliar persons or unusual incidents within the residence halls.

All Residence Life staff members undergo comprehensive training each semester for both prevention of and response for safety and security issues. Both student and professional staff participate in lectures and seminars associated with topics such as substance abuse, prevention of sexual assault, and community security.

Other campus buildings are opened during regular operating hours by building staff members and locked at the end of these hours. Routine checks are made by Campus Safety officers to ensure building security.

Campus patrols involve Campus Safety officers who continually patrol all buildings, including residence halls, in an effort to prevent crime and monitor any potential security risks. These risks, such as burned-out light bulbs, overgrown shrubbery, or malfunctioning doors, are reported to Facilities Management so the problem may be corrected as soon as possible. Officers also take appropriate action when unauthorized persons are encountered.

Trespass warnings may be issued to subjects who have no verifiable business on campus. Subjects who violate trespass warnings are subject to arrest for "trespassing after warning." Every effort is made to ensure that all buildings are free from uninvited visitors.

Off-Campus Facilities

Off-Campus Residences and Student Organizations

The University arranges for student housing in off-campus hotel properties when demand for campus housing exceeds available on-campus space. UT currently partners with the Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk to house UT students. The hotel maintains its own security personnel who work in cooperation with UT’s Department of Campus Safety.

Remote Campus Location – Marine Science Center

The University’s Marine Science Center is located at:

Marine Science Center
5222 W. Tyson Ave.
Tampa, FL

The Department of Campus Safety does not patrol or provide security services at the Marine Science Center. All emergencies and crimes in progress should be reported to the Tampa Police Department at 911 or for delayed and non-emergency situations (813) 231-6130 for dispatch. As a follow-up to the reporting action with TPD, UT’s Department of Campus Safety should be notified to assist in accurately compiling the University’s annual crime statistics.