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Tuition Payment Plan (TPP)

The University of Tampa offers a convenient Tuition Payment Plan (TPP) to help pay your educational expenses with an interest-free installment plan available through Workday. Enrollment is required for each term the student intends to participate in the payment plan. The number of months is based on the time of enrollment of the plan (i.e. five, four or three months). To participate in the TPP, students will agree to the terms and conditions of the payment plan and will be assessed a $40 non-refundable fee for each enrollment period.  

General Information:

  • Enrollment period for fall semester begins in July
  • Enrollment period for spring semester begins in December
  • Enrollment period for summer semester begins in April
  • Tuition payment plans are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Florida Prepaid College Program

If the beneficiary attends The University of Tampa, the Florida Prepaid College Plan will transfer an amount equal to the value of the prepaid plan(s) at the time of enrollment. The State determines the value of the plan at the beginning of each academic year, typically notifying schools in August. The Bursar's Office will credit the student's account using an estimated amount (equal to the value of the current academic year plan) and adjust the amount once the new value has been announced. The State may adjust the value of Florida Prepaid mid-year without prior notice.

To utilize the Florida Prepaid College plan at The University of Tampa, a transfer form must be completed. The plan will pay the same rate it pays a public college in Florida. However, because private Florida college tuition costs are more expensive, the prepaid plan will not cover the total costs. For additional information, contact Florida Prepaid College Program at (800) 552- GRAD (4723).

529 Plans

Several state and local government agencies have 529 plans for educational savings.

The University of Tampa accepts and uses 529 plans. When you are ready to draw from the plan to pay for tuition and fee expenses, follow the instructions of the plan administrator to ensure prompt and accurate transmissions of funds. Be sure to provide them with the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Student's UT ID number

Payments should be sent to:

The University of Tampa
Bursar's Office
401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Box L
Tampa, FL  33606-1490 

Online Payments

Online payments through Workday are recommended as the most convenient way to make payment on a student's account. Online payments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply login into Workday and select Finances. Under My Account, select Make a Payment. Students can make payments using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and ACH payments.

    If you do not have access to Workday, payments can be made at Cashnet. From this site, you can login with the student ID number and last name of the student. 

    International Payments (Wire Transfer, Foreign Credit/Debit Cards)

    University of Tampa offers an international payment portal for students wishing to pay tuition and fees from another country. The international payment portal, powered by Flywire, allows you to pay in foreign currencies by wire transfer, foreign credit/debit cards and other international payment options. For more information, please see our International Payment Information page. 

    Medical Disability Benefits

    If a student has a medical disability, financial assistance may be available from the local Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or Bureau of Visual Services.

    Veterans Benefits

    Contact your local Veterans Affairs office to discuss your options and complete an application for educational benefits. The VA will issue you a Certificate of Eligibility, which you must take to UT's Registrar's Office. Once you are enrolled in classes, UT will certify your attendance with the VA. Benefits payable directly to The University are treated as a method of payment and will be credited to your UT student account once payment is received by the Bursar's Office. 

    Tuition Exchange Program

    UT participates in the Tuition Exchange, Inc., program, which is a reciprocal scholarship program for children and other family members and staff employed at more than 530 participating institutions.