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Department of Film, Animation and New Media

The Department of Film, Animation and New Media aims to prepare filmmakers and visual producers to participate in the vanguard of the 21st century. In keeping with the mission of The University of Tampa, students learn by doing and thinking with courses in studio production using state of the art facilities, computer labs, digital cameras and sound stages. Our courses, designed to foster creative expression and professional technique, include hands-on studio classes in narrative, documentary, experimental and animation filmmaking; digital media and imaging; 3-D animation, modeling and printing; digital and interactive media; and experimental computing.

Degree Programs

B.F.A. in Digital Arts 
Combines the elements of traditional studio instruction with creative uses of computer technology. Development of visualization skills, creativity, drawing potential and design ability forms the cornerstone of the program.
B.A. in Film and Media Arts 
Combines critical studies with production experiences in film and media arts. Blending "story" with "technology," students examine critical perspectives and practice implementing techniques in traditional (16 mm film) and emerging (digital) formats. 
B.A. in New Media Production 
Offered as an interdisciplinary program that includes courses in art, communication, information and technology management, music and writing. The program emphasizes design and production for interactivity and Web-based products for both commercial and artistic intent.


Topics of Study

A sample list of courses includes the following:

  • Beginning Digital Illustration
  • 3-D Printing and Modeling
  • Documentary Production 
  • Experimental Filmmaking
  • DVD Design and Production
  • Digital Imaging
  • Special Problems in 3D Animation

A full list of courses can be found in the online catalog.