90-hour Degree Progress Check

Each degree-seeking student must, at least one year in advance of the intended graduation date, request a degree audit. (May graduation candidates must request the audit by May of the previous year, August candidates by August of the previous year and December candidates by December of the previous year.) The “Request for Degree Audit” form is available in the Academic Advising Office. When the request is made, the student must specify the catalog year of intended graduation. A University adviser will audit the student’s transcript and complete the official “Degree Audit” form. The completed degree audit will be sent to the student and the faculty advisor, and then filed in the Registrar’s office.

Graduating students must file an “Application for Degree” with the Registrar by the mid-point of the semester in which they intend to complete degree requirements and have a degree conferred.

If the above procedure is not completed by the deadlines indicated, the student’s name may not appear in the commencement program, and the student’s graduation may be delayed.