Student Health Insurance

Full-time undergraduate and international students:
Full-time undergraduate and all international students pay a mandatory student health fee each semester. This provides for full use of the Dickey Health and Wellness Center, which includes health, counseling and wellness services.
The student health fee also includes a premium paid for a student injury and sickness insurance plan through United HealthCare Student Resources. 
It is not advised to drop any existing private insurance policy you have in addition to the school insurance policy.
Full-time graduate students:
Full-time graduate students have the option of voluntarily purchasing a health insurance policy through United HealthCare Student Resources. This policy may be used at the Dickey Health and Wellness Center for covered benefits. To learn more or to purchase this policy, students should call United HealthCare Student Resources Customer Service at (888) 224-4846

For detailed information on the student health fee, go to Student Health Fee FAQ.   

Accessing Your Student Insurance Info:

You can access the following information online or on the smart phone app:

  • Display and print your ID card
  • Find a network provider
  • Find the closest network pharmacy
  • Check on your claims
  • Review policy coverage

Steps to using online resources:

  • Go to
  • Register a user name and password using your email address
  • Follow links and search options to access the information you need

For more information or any questions pertaining to the student health insurance policy or coverage details, please call United HealthCare Student Resources Customer Service at (888) 224-4846 or email