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Jessa Madosky

Professor of Instruction I, Biology

Pad Mahadevan

Associate Professor, Biology

Ana Maia

Senior Associate Director of Leadership and Assessment, Student Leadership and Engagement

Angel Maldonado

Associate Network Technician, Information Technology and Security

Gertie Mallard-Teal

Spartan Card Coordinator

Marla Mancini

Administrative Assistant, Operations and Planning

Larry Marfise

Director, Athletics

Speros Margetis

Professor, Finance

Jessica Marin

Part-time Instructor, Physician Assistant Medicine

Robert Marley

Director/Center for Ethics; Associate Professor, Accounting

Benjamin Marsh

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Mary Martinasek

Assistant Dean, Natural and Health Sciences, Associate Professor, Public Health, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Alberto Martinez

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Francisca Martins

Business Analyst, Information Technology and Security

Heather Masonjones

Professor, Biology

Robert Masserini

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Deborah Massicotte

Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Letters

Richard Mathews

Director/UT Press; Director/Tampa Review; Dana Professor, English and Writing

Tito Mattei

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Dwayne Maxwell

Executive Chef II, Morsani Hall, Dining Services

Paula Mazzeo

Admissions Counselor, Admissions for Graduate and Continuing Studies

Andrew McAlister

Associate Professor, Communication

Morgan McAnally

Professor of Instruction I, Mathematics

Lianne McCarthy

Assistant Director of Enrollment Evaluation, Admissions

Paige McCormick

Recruiting Operations Officer, Military Science

Connie McCullough

Counseling Services Director, Counseling Services

Ry McCullough

Assistant Professor, Art and Design

Adonis McCullum

Area Coordinator, Residence Life

Brandon McDannald

Assistant Professor, Music

Sharon McDonald

Director, Volunteer Engagement, Development and University Relations

Kevin McDowell, PsyD

Health Psychologist, Counseling Services

Abby McElligott

Assistant Director, Fitness, Campus Recreation

Stephen McFarland

Assistant Professor, Geography

Renee McFatridge

Simulation Lab Clinical Instructor, Physician Assistant Medicine

Linnsey McFerguson

Academic Program Specialist - SOAR, Academic Excellence Programs

Keven McGinn

Library Technical Assistant, Government Documents, Library

Ian McGinnity

Director, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

Tim McGlynn

Senior Systems Engineer, Information Technology and Security

Charles McGraw Groh

Associate Professor, History

Ryan McIlvain

Assistant Professor, English and Writing

Kyle McIntosh

Assistant Professor, English

Rebecca McKenzie

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Robert McKnabb

Lecturer I, Allied Health

Taegan McMahon

Assistant Professor, Biology

Todd McNees

Director, Asset Management Services, Information Technology and Security

Scott McNulty

Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics

Mark McRae

Associate Professor, Biology

Lori Benson McRae

Associate Professor, Biology; Biology Internship-Marine Science/Environmental Science/Ecology

Xelmarie Medina Caceres

Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid

Mason Meers

Professor, Biology

Jason Melton

Admissions Counselor, Admissions for Graduate and Continuing Studies

Alisha Menzies

Assistant Professor, Communication

Nicole Merritt

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Bursar's Office

Nadine Mescia

Lecturer I, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Beth Michalak

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Counseling Services

Cedric Michel

Assistant Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Michael Middlebrooks

Assistant Professor, Biology

Jackie Mikulski

Academic Program Specialist, Academic Advising Office

Sam Militello

Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics

Abraham Miller

Associate Professor, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Sandra Miller

Practice Coordinator, Medical Services

Scott Miller

Associate Professor, Finance

Alyssia Miller

Professor of Instruction I, Spanish

Zea Miller

Visiting Assistant Professor, English and Writing

Stefani Milovanska-Farrington

Professor of Instruction I, Economics

Pam Mirabelli

Assistant Director, Residence Life

Yamil Miranda-Usua, MD

Medical Director, Medical Services

Jill Misuraca

Lecturer II, Finance

Caitlyn Mitryk

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Athletics

Steven Mollmann

Assistant Professor, English and Writing

Steve Monoc

Campus Safety Shift Supervisor, Campus Safety

Kevin Moore

Assistant Professor, Management

Stephen Moradiellos

Accounts Receivable Service Representative, Bursar's Office

Grace Morales

Accounts Payable Assistant/Credit Card Administrator, Financial Management

Henry Morales

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Bridget Moroney

Academic Director, ELS Language Center

Donald Morrill

Associate Dean, Graduate and Continuing Studies; Dana Professor, English

Kim Morris

Assistant Professor, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Mark Morris

Chemistry Lab Coordinator/Lecturer, Chemistry

Melissa Morris

Professor of Instruction I, Health Sciences and Human Performance

Felecia Mosley

Administrative Assistant, Information Technology and Security

William Moss

Technical Assistant, Circulation, Library

Jill Mosteller

Associate Professor, Marketing

Katherina Moua

Staff Assistant I, Part-time, Student Conduct

Kathleen Moyer

Lecturer I, Nursing

Kimberly Mularoni

Medical Director/Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Medicine

Caroline Murphy

Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Office

Phillip Murray

Professor of Instruction I, Chemistry

Jason Murray

Integrations Architect, Information Technology and Security

Cristina Muyshondt

Area Coordinator, Residence Life

Amber Myer

Coordinator of Student Competency Development Programs, Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

William Myers

Associate Professor, Political Science