Lacey Johnson


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Meet Lacey Johnson

Professor of Instruction I, Mathematics


2014 James Madision Univeristy, B.S.
2016 University of Florida, M.S.
2019 University of Florida, Ph.D.

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Courses Taught: College Algebra

Career Specialties: Lacey Johnson has an academic interest in growing students' appreciation in mathematics and helping them to be successful in their studies. Her research interest lies in topology, specifically discrete Morse Theory. In addition, she has a passion for encouraging women to pursue interest and careers in STEM.

Professional and Community Activities: Johnson studied smooth function on manifolds, specifically min-max theory, which provides a mechanism for identifying critical values of a function. She went on to submit a paper that introduced a discretized version of this theory associated to a discrete Morse function on a cell complex.

She went on to do more work with Morse theory. Her research and doctoral dissertation explored discrete Morse theory in the context of loop spaces. This research aimed to find a discrete analogue of a classic result from smooth Morse theory.

In addition to mathematics, Johnson has a passion for health and fitness. As a coach, she helped others in and outside of the community develop healthier habits to live their best lives. Johnson also mentors others to pay it forward and build their own coaching businesses.

Honors and Awards: Neil White Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Florida, May 2018
Eleanor Ewing Ehrlich Award, University of Florida, May 2017
Mathematics Research Award, James Madison University, April 2014
First Place Research Poster Competition, James Madison University, September 2013