Denija Crnojevic





401 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33606

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GHS 635

Meet Denija Crnojevic

Assistant Professor, Physics

Education: 2005 University of Trieste (Italy), B.S.
2007 University of Trieste (Italy), M.S.
2010 University of Heidelberg (Germany), Ph.D.

Courses Taught: General Physics
General Physics Lab

Career Specialties: Denija Crnojevic is interested in understanding how galaxies form and evolve. In particular, she exploits large photometric surveys from ground-based and space-borne telescopes in order to discover and characterize the smallest and faintest galaxies in the universe, how they interact with their neighboring galaxies and the role of dark matter in their formation.

Professional and Community Activities: Crnojevic has an active research program in collaboration with several U.S. universities. She has recently been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study the closest dwarf galaxies, uncover their assembly histories and interpret her observational findings in light of theoretical expectations.