Lacey Corey Brown


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401 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33606

Building Location

EW 115

Meet Lacey Corey Brown

Professor of Instruction I, Speech


2010 Florida Southern College, B.A.
2013 University of West Florida, M.A.
2019 Southern Illinois University, Ph.D.

Courses Taught:

Oral Communication; Speech for Business and the Professions

Career Specialties:

Lacey Corey Brown has been teaching/coaching professional public speaking since 2010. She also has expertise in training and development. 

Professional and Community Activities:

Brown's research explores how stigmatized organizations frame their external identity, how audiences interpret those identities and how members communicatively construct their internal collective identity. Her most recent publication explores how the Satanic Temple strategically constructs their identity using counteridentifying symbols, such as Satan, to metaphorically resist Christian dogma in the context of U.S. American law and popular opinion. Her dissertation project examines how the J20 Defendants, a group of anti-fascists who were mass arrested for rioting Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, interpersonally manage their stigmatized organizational identity with colleagues, friends and family. This project also seeks to understand how a secretive and nationally dispersed collective overcomes organizational obstacles.