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Download Immunization Form

All accepted students to The University of Tampa must fulfill immunization verification requirements through Med+Proctor.

The immunization verification process is now handled through our partnership with Med+Proctor. Please use the following instructions to submit the proper immunization forms and information:

  1. Sign into your MyUTampa. To open MyUTampa, go to in any web browser and click on the MyUTampa button. Once on your MyUTampa page, click on the chiclet named Med+Proctor.
    Med + Proctor Chicklet
  2. Complete your contact information and save to continue.
  3. Choose your correct term under "requirement group," complete the remaining prompts and click to continue.
  4. Once you complete the entering terms page, you will receive a pop-up called "Submit Correct Entering Term." Please be sure you have entered the correct term, then click submit.
  5. Med + Proctor will ask you to review the End User Agreement and sign your name to acknowledge the terms of use.
  6. Please complete the brief Tuberculosis Questionnaire before continuing.
  7. Med + Proctor has optional lifetime access for all students. You may either select to enroll in this access for a one-time fee of $10 dollars to Med+Proctor by selecting the green button. To submit your forms for free, please press the gray button, but you will not have access to your immunization records.
  8. Download the Mandatory Immunization/TB Screening Form to take to your medical provider or obtain your current immunization record from your provider as supporting documentation. Please note: any other official documents submitted must include your name and signature and signature from a licensed health care provider.
  9. Once completed you will upload the completed Mandatory Immunization/TB Screening Form, or your immunization record obtained from your medical provider into Med+Proctor.
  10. Connect with Med+Proctor to help you through the process via online chat, or by submitting questions to
  11. Please allow two to three business days for processing and verification.
  12. Be sure to check your Spartan student email for all verification updates from Med+Proctor.


Please note: If a vaccine-preventable disease occurs on campus, students who have not been vaccinated or do not have immunity verified by lab test may be excluded from attending classes or other campus activities.

Medical Exemption

A formal Medical Exemption may be completed for persons with certain medical conditions and/or contraindications (permanent or temporary) to certain vaccines. A letter from the student's medical provider (such as a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) must be submitted to Med+Proctor.

Beliefs/Personal Tenets

If your personal religious beliefs or tenets dictate that you not receive the required immunizations for enrollment at the University of Tampa, you may contact the Dickey Health and Wellness Center during normal business hours at 813-253-6250 for more information regarding a Religious Exemption Waiver.

Note: Due to the University of Tampa and State of Florida regulations regarding Protected Health Information, the Dickey Health and Wellness Center is unable to answer email queries regarding individual health information such as vaccinations.