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Can I mail, email or fax my health forms?
We do not accept U.S. mail, email or faxed forms. Immunization dates must be entered and the forms must be uploaded to Med+Proctor. If you do not enter immunization dates and upload the forms, the Health Center is unable to verify your information.

Where do I upload my health forms?
Upload your health forms to Med+Proctor.

What is my Spartan domain and password?
Your Spartan domain and password will be sent to you via email from the Admissions Office.

Is the health insurance mandatory?
Yes, the health insurance is mandatory and required for all full-time undergraduate and international students.

Can the health insurance be waived if I have private insurance?
No, the health insurance cannot be waived. It is the policy of The University of Tampa. If you have private insurance, it is best to keep it.

What services are available for eligible full-time undergraduate and international students?
All full-time undergraduate and all international students are eligible to use the Health Center, once registration fees are paid and financial obligations are met. if your fees are paid, domestic graduate students have the option to purchase United Health Care Student Resource insurance or pay fee for service.
Students are eligible for the following:

  • The health center maintains an in-housing dispensing pharmacy that contains approximately 40 medications to treat common illnesses. There is a co-pay of $10 or $15 for each medication dispensed.
  • Treatment of acute illness, minor injuries, urinary tract infections
  • Birth Control: Oral contraception, Depo Provera, Plan B and Ella are covered
  • Immunizations: Covered at recommended ages per CDC guidelines
  • Women’s Care: A Pap smear is covered for women 21 and older every three years. GYN exam is covered for all eligible women.
  • Mental Health: Covered as any other sickness
  • PPD test
  • STD screening 

Do I need a referral if I’m going off-campus?
Students are required to get a referral from the health center, prior to receiving care/treatment off-campus with a specialist, urgent care or hospital. A referral is NOT needed if the health center is closed for business or if the student is more than 25 miles away from the health center. If a student has other insurance, the student should check that the off-campus provider takes both insurances. 

Does the health center fill outside prescriptions?
No, the health center does not fill outside prescriptions. The health center is licensed to dispense prescriptions that are written by a provider at the Health Center who is treating you for an illness or injury.

Is the health center open on the weekend?
No, the health center is open Monday–Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Thursday from 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. For severe or potentially life-threatening medical emergencies, call 911 or go to a local emergency room.

Included with your student insurance plan and provided by HealthiestYou (a national telehealth service) is a 24/7/365 access to a board-certified physician online or by phone (where permitted). This service is especially helpful for minor illnesses, such as allergies, sore throat, earache, pink eye, etc. Access via MyAccount at The toll-free number is (855) 866-0895.

Nearest Walk-In Clinic:
TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track
303 W. Palm Ave.
(813) 925-1903

Nearest Hospital:
Tampa General Hospital
1 Tampa General Circle
(813) 844-7000

Do I have to make an appointment before coming to the health center?
Student Health Services makes an effort to serve as many patients as possible each day and to work around your busy class schedules. We utilize an appointment-based scheduling model to ensure there are available appointments each day.

Do you provide medical excuse notes?
Attendance is the responsibility of the student, and instructors have the discretion to approve or disapprove any absence. Students are responsible for promptly notifying their instructors about absences caused by an illness or injury, preferably prior to the class time rather than after the class time. If you are seen at the SHS, at the provider's discretion, they may offer a statement in support of consideration of an excused absence. Only the instructor may excuse an absence. There is NO circumstance in which SHS can provide a note if you were NOT seen by our providers.