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Student Health Insurance

If you are a registered undergraduate student taking 12 or more credit hours or a registered international student with an F-1 or J-1 visa, you are automatically enrolled in United Healthcare Student Insurance program. Domestic graduate students may purchase the student health insurance through United Healthcare StudentResources. To discuss options for purchasing health insurance call (888) 224-4846 or visit

Medical Services is not contracted to provide services under any other health insurance policy other than the student health insurance. For services that are not covered by student health insurance, Medical Services charges a reasonable fee at the time of visit. 

Full-time undergraduate and international students:

Full-time undergraduate and all international students pay a mandatory student health fee each semester. This provides for full use of the Dickey Health and Wellness Center, which includes health, counseling and wellness services.

Preferred Providers: The Preferred Provider Network for this plan is UnitedHealth Choice Plus. 

Student Health Center Benefits: The student health fee also includes a premium paid for a student injury and sickness insurance plan through United HealthCare Student Resources. The policy deductible will be waived and benefits will be paid at 100% for covered medical expenses incurred when treatment is rendered at the Student Health Center for the following services: prescription drugs after a $10 copay for generic drugs and a $15 copay for brand name drugs, up to a 31-day supply maximum per prescription. 

The policy deductible will be waived and benefits will be paid at 100% for covered medical expenses incurred when treatment is rendered at the Student Health Center for the following services: all other services listed in the Schedule of Benefits after $25 Per Policy Year Student Health Center Deductible. 

Student Health Center Referral Required: This plan includes a Student Health Center Referral Requirement. No benefits will be paid without a referral from the Student Health Center for outpatient treatment received from a provider other than the Student Health Center. Refer to the plan certificate of coverage for details and exceptions. 

There are also conditions that are EXCLUDED by the policy. A list of these exclusions can be found in the full policy at

It is not advised to drop any existing private insurance policy you have in addition to the school insurance policy. The student policy can be used in conjunction with other insurance policies to provide better coverage with less out-of-pocket costs based on policy guidelines. For detailed information on the student health fee, go to Student Health Fee FAQ.

Full-time graduate students:

Full-time graduate students have the option of voluntarily purchasing a health insurance policy through United HealthCare StudentResources. This policy may be used at the Dickey Health and Wellness Center for covered benefits. To learn more or to purchase this policy, students should call United HealthCare StudentResources Customer Service at (888) 224-4846

A Guide to Using Your Student Insurance

Accessing Your Student Insurance Information:

You can access the following information online or on the smartphone app:

  • Display and print your ID card
  • Find a network provider
  • Find the closest network pharmacy
  • Check on your claims
  • Review policy coverage

Steps to using online resources:

  1. Go to
  2. If this is your first time using this site, click on Create My Account Now.
  3. Register a user name and password using your email address (do not use SR ID to register).
  4. Follow links and search options to access the information you need

For more information or any questions pertaining to the student health insurance policy or coverage details, please call United HealthCare StudentResources Customer Service at (888) 224-4846 or email

United HealthCare StudentResources Contact Information:

Claims Phone: (888) 224-4846
Claims Email:
Claims Address: P.O. Box 809025, Dallas, TX 75380-9025

2022-2023 Student Insurance Plan

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (PDF)

Schedule a student medical appointment: (813) 253-6250

Certain types of appointments are available only on certain days. Services are provided on an appointment basis, but walk-ins will be evaluated and given appointments or seen immediately based on the urgency of their condition.

Students should use the Student Health Portal to complete medical visit forms prior to their appointment. This allows the student to complete forms at their convenience, accurately and in privacy.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows you to have time to fill out any additional paperwork and will maximize the amount of time you are able to spend with your medical provider. If you arrive at your appointment time more than 5 minutes late, you will be rescheduled for another time.

No-show Fees 

To increase appointment slots available, students who cannot make their appointment as scheduled need to call and reschedule. A no-show fee will be charged if you do not cancel/reschedule as indicated below:

  • Counseling Appointments: $25 fee if not canceled a minimum of 24 hours before appointment time.
  • Women's Health Appointments: $25 fee if not canceled a minimum of two hours before appointment time.
  • Any Other Appointments: $25 fee if not canceled a minimum of two hours before appointment time.

Students can cancel appointments by sending an email to or calling the Health Center at (813) 253-6250.