2019 Registration Information

New freshmen and transfers will be contacted by the Admissions Office with registration instructions.

Post-baccalaureate and graduate-level
students can register for spring semester beginning Thursday, Nov. 1. Each student is assigned a specific time to begin registering. The earliest time you can register is based on class level and number of total hours earned as of Oct. 1, 2018.
  • Your registration begin time is the first time you may access SpartanWeb to register, not the only time. Plan to meet with your advisor before your registration time begins. You are not excused from class to register.
  • Your registration date and time is listed on your SpartanWeb Academics tab.
  • All outstanding obligations to UT must be resolved to register. Check for possible HOLDs on your account by clicking on “Registration Holds” on the SpartanWeb home tab.
  • Your advisor needs to grant online registration clearance* in order for registration to be open to you.     
     *not required for seniors (undergraduates with 90 earned credits or more)